Ant and Dec share hilarious new golfing prank to celebrate hitting four million followers


ANT and Dec thanked their fans for hitting four million followers on Instagram with a hilarious new golfing prank video.

The Geordie duo were seen in their respective gardens as Ant hit a golf ball into the distance and accidentally knocked Dec in the face and to the floor.

Ant hit the golf ball at the beginning of the hilarious sketch
Poor Dec got a ball straight in the eye

Ant and Dec have been keeping their fans entertained throughout the coronavirus lockdown with a series of funny pranks.

And just yesterday the Britain’s Got Talent presenters uploaded another video to celebrate hitting four million followers on Instagram.

Dressed in a red polo shirt, checked trousers and trainers, Ant looked tanned and handsome as he swung the golf club and hit the ball.

Behind him in the garden it was possible to see a beautifully manicured lawn and flower bushes.

Meanwhile, Dec was also in his back beautiful garden that featured wooden fences, trees and a gorgeous patio.

Wearing a dark shirt and blue shorts, Dec can be seen holding his phone with an astonished and proud look on his face.

He says to best pal, Ant: “Hey! Have you seen how many million followers we’ve just hit on Instagram?”

To which Ant shouts: “Four!” However he’s using the term to warn someone a ball is coming in golf.

Ant gives the ball a proper swing
Cutting to Dec the Newcastle native asks if Ant has seen the number of their followers
Ant shouts out to his best mate

Adorable Dec excitedly replies: “Yeah you’ve seen it too, did ya? Four million! Well that’s amazing.”

This carries on for a couple of seconds before the camera flips back to Dec and he thanks all their followers. Flashing a big grin, he’s suddenly knocked in the face with a golf ball and knocked over.

Dec is then seen unhurt but looking a little shocked.

Their fans loved it, with one writing: “These brighten up my day, thank you”

Ant tries to warn Dec about the incoming ball by shouting FOUR!
But Dec doesn’t understand and thinks he’s just saying the amount of followers

While a second added: “Brilliant lads! Loving the videos! ❤

And a third penned: “Congratulations!!! Very well deserved! Thanks for keeping us smiling! ❤❤

It’s the latest in the duo’s hilarious prank war.

The Geordie duo have been keeping their followers entertained with hilarious social media videos, with clever editing making it look as though they are in the same room as each other.

Dec was excited about the duo’s four million followers on Instagram
But then disaster strikes and he gets a ball to the face
Dec looks a bit shocked after getting a ball to the face

In a clip that was uploaded to their shared Instagram page earlier today, Dec can be seen minding his own business and reading a book before Ant appears and throws a ball at him.

He dismisses the attack after not spotting his co-star – only for Ant to throw another.

Dec retaliates by chucking an entire bowl-full of balls at Ant, with the clip cutting as Dec runs away after Ant lifts his chair to chuck.

The funny post was simply captioned: “Part 2: Payback”.

Dec was minding his own business when Ant launched the attack
Ant started the last prank video
Dec retaliated with an entire bowl of ping pong balls

Their followers found the entire thing hilarious, with one commenting: “So hilarious boys, never fail to make me laugh”.

Another added: “Best double act ever!”

A third laughed: “This has just made my day!! Thank you, boys.”

It comes less than a week after their first lockdown battle, which saw Ant and Dec throw a banana, book and – once again – a chair at one another.

This video had the caption: “Pssttt… I want that book back!”

The two recently left fans crying with laughter after sharing a virtual “cup in balls” game online, which they recorded from the comfort of their own, separate, homes.

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