BGT’s Amanda Holden has finally admitted she flashes her boobs on purpose as a stunt for the show


AMANDA HOLDEN is never far from controversy where Britain’s Got Talent is concerned, whether it’s dropping a swear word or one of her customary flesh-baring dresses.

But the talent show judge has now revealed that her jaw-dropping moments — which often leave viewers and TV watchdog Ofcom in a tizz — are all just an act.

Amanda says her jaw-dropping moments are all just an act

She said: “Even though I am really open and very much myself most of the time, it’s a fake circumstance when you’re sitting on a panel and judging.

“I’m very aware of myself and what I should say next. Sometimes I pretend I’m not and I’m outrageous, and I’m like, ‘Oh I had no idea I was going to say that’, or my boob pops out, ‘I had no idea that was going to happen!’

“You have circumstances where you know what you’re doing and the situation is always ongoing, so you are always aware.”

Amanda, one of my favourite people in telly because she does and says what-ever she wants, told me earlier this year that she would do I’m A Celebrity if it was Ant and Dec‘s last year as hosts.

Amanda has considered appearing on I’m A Celeb

But after giving it a bit of thought, she now thinks it would be career suicide as her guard would be so far down there would be no way back.

Amanda added: “I have never done a show like the jungle.

“I just couldn’t do it because I would be very at home in a situation like that and let my guard down completely and let myself down and end my career, totally, because you can’t see the cameras so you forget about them.”

I’ve said it before — she would be jungle gold.

Bill tops The Bill

TWO of Question of Sport’s most popular former captains – England rugby star Sir Bill Beaumont and ex-cricketer Sir Ian Botham – are reuniting for the first time since 1996.

England rugby star Sir Bill Beaumont and ex-cricketer Sir Ian Botham will be making a comeback – pictured here with quizmaster David Coleman

The pair will join current team captains Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell to test their sporting knowledge on BBC Radio 5 Live this Saturday from 2pm.

It comes ahead of the 50th series of the legendary programme coming to BBC1 next month, with Sue Barker at the helm once again.

Spencer and Jamie seek six not sex

IF THERE’S one man in showbiz with a bulging little black book, it’s Spencer Matthews. But for him and best pal Jamie Laing’s new project it’s their contacts book, not exes, they will be hitting up.

Spencer and Jamie are on the hunt to track down A-list celebs using the six degrees of separation
The series starts with comedy legend Ricky Gervais as the posh duo try to get to him.

In a new podcast with BBC Radio 1, they are on the hunt to track down A-list celebs using the six degrees of separation. They are aiming for a megastar but they will only have six calls to find them.

The pair will have to rope in friends and strangers and ask them to open up their contact books to ensure they can reach the ultimate celebrity.

The new series, which launches today and is called Six Degrees Of Jamie And Spencer, starts with comedy legend Ricky Gervais as the posh duo try to get to him.

Spencer said: “I’m really pleased to be working with the BBC on my new podcast.  Sadly they didn’t tell me I’d be doing it with Jamie but needs must.”

Touch of Klass

SHE may be wearing shades, but it’s still easy to spot Myleene Klass as she arrives for work at the Global Radio studios in ­London.

Myleene showed off her amazing fashion sense

There is no mistaking the Classic FM host’s smile – and her polka-dot trousers were spot on for this week’s heat, too.
The mum of three knows how to look cool.

A footie show to foul for

INBETWEENERS creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley were worried about a backlash to their new BBC comedy, given how close to the bone their old work was.

The First Team, their latest show for the Beeb, follows three young football stars at a fictional Premier League club. Damon said: “I think you need to have the scope to go beyond the pale.  We throw ideas around and discuss them. If it felt truthful and the character could say it then it felt defendable. If you can defend why your character would say that, then that is normally a green light for us.”

He added: “We feel we can trust our audience. At the time when The Inbetweeners was going out there was a bit of nervousness on our part, like are people going to think this is funny?

“We think it’s really funny how teenage boys speak when unobserved.  As you get older you work out which opinions are wrong, but you’re allowed that freedom to make mistakes.

“I guess with this new show it’s almost the opposite for footballers because they’re not allowed any freedom to make mistakes – they can’t fail to trap a football properly on a pitch without getting eviscerated on social media. So this has got a slightly different tone to it.

If it’s half as funny as The Inbetweeners, it’ll be a hit. I genuinely think the Channel 4 comedy will go down among the classics. And anyone who thinks differently is a bus w****r.


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