Declan Donnelly takes his daugther Isla, 2, for a relaxed Sunday stroll after a busy week


DECLAN Donnelly took his daugther Isla, 2, for a relaxed Sunday stroll after a busy week.

Declan, 44, enjoyed a relaxing walk after revealing this week that he split from his Britain’s Got Talent co-host Ant McPartlin in the midst of Ant’s rehab woes.

Declan Donnelly took his daugther Isla, 2, for a relaxed Sunday stroll after a busy week

The Geordie star was spotted in west London with Isla and his dog Rocky, and looked suave in a grey jumper and blue jeans.

Dec looked deep in thought, after also revealing he almost fell out with Simon Cowell over his poor time keeping.

The star spoke about Ant and Dec’s highs and lows on The One Show on Tuesday, discussing everything from their private battles with Simon and their rocky patch following Ant’s arrest for drink driving in 2018.

Dec said he told I’m A Celeb bosses there was “no way” he would host the show with another man when Ant was ruled out of the 2018 series following the crash.

Declan sported shades and cordless earphones as he relaxed on Sunday

The Geordie duo have worked together for 30 years but were forced apart when Ant had a stint in rehab in 2018 after he crashed his car while over the limit.

And the star said there were calls for “Stephen Mulhern or Phillip Schofield” to get the job when his presenting pal took a break following his arrest.

During Ant’s break from the limelight, Dec was worried his pal would quit TV to go and be a “pig farmer in Wales” after his break from showbiz.

Talking on The One Show tonight, Dec said: “It was an incredibly difficult time and for me I just wanted to fulfil our obligations, I wanted to do the TV shows and keep them going and when the time was right I knew we would sit down together and decide what the future would hold for us both.”

Ant and Dec talked about going solo before deciding to reunite

He joked: “I thought he might want to be a pig farmer in Wales.”

Sharing his relief that Ant wanted to come back to work, he added: “But it was a really uncertain time, both of us individually went away and thought about what the future could hold, would hold and what we wanted it to hold.

“Ultimately at the end of it all we sat down together and were very honest with each other and we both realised that what made us happiest was being together and working together and that’s how we wanted to continue.”

The duo have released an autobiography, and revealed relationship was on “autopilot”, but after a break they reunited and were stronger than ever.

Dec joked Ant might have become a pig farmer after his time away from the spotlight

Dec pens in the book, Once Upon a Tyne: “There was a real chance we were never going to work together again. Not knowing if Ant and Dec would continue was very scary for us both.

“Since 1990 we’ve made every decision together for the sake of Ant and Dec. Every discussion we’ve ever had has been ‘what are we going to do? What’s best for us?’

“And now suddenly, we had to think about ourselves as individuals. ‘What do I want to do? What’s best for me?’. That felt like an alien mindset to adopt and it was very frightening.”


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