Nicola McLean takes out the bins in her wedding dress as she joins Katie Price and Amanda Holden in new challenge


NICOLA McLean stunned fans as she took the bins out in her wedding dress.

The ex-glamour model, 38, has joined Amanda Holden and Katie Price to take part in the #doitinthedress challenge – a social media craze where women have completed normal day to day activities in their special frock.

Nicola McLean takes out the bins in her wedding dress as she joins Katie Price and Amanda Holden in new challenge

In one of the posts, Nicola can be seen holding on to her veil as she steps out onto her street to take the green bins out.

The other snap shows her posing in front of her plush grey sofa with her hoover as a prop.

She captioned the post: “Bins out ✅ Hoovering Done ✅ Putting my wedding dress on on the hottest day of the year ✅ #weddingdress”

And it looks like all of her 251k followers loved her unusual choice of outfit for doing her chores.

Nicola also did a spot of hoovering in her wedding gown too

One wrote: “You’re bonkers 🤣🤣🤣 love it”

Another said: “That dress is out of this world 😻 you look amazing!! 🤍

A third commented: “You look bangin ❣

Another wrote: “You are beyond stunning”

Nicola joined the likes of Amanda Holden and Katie Price to take part in the challenge

It comes after Amanda Holden put a smile on everyone’s face as she moved the lawn in her wedding dress last month.

The glam Britain’s Got Talent star, 49, flicked her hair in slow motion as she pushed the mower across her lawn with a smile on her face with Billy Idol’s White Wedding sound-tracked in the background.

She gave a glimpse of her leg as she showed off her wellies, and she sprayed flowers with a hose.

The star wrote: “Nice day for a good mowing! ☀ Hope it puts a smile on your face. Why not join me… post a video of an unusual thing you can do in a wedding dress.”

Amanda kicked off the craze with her post last month in her wedding dress

Katie Price decided to jump on the bandwagon too last week.

The 41-year-old reality star put the glamour into gardening by mowing, sweeping and even firing up her barbecue – all while looking like she was heading to church to say “I do”.

But when Nicola isn’t running around the house in her wedding dress trying to cook, clean and look after her kids, she’s been appearing on various talk shows to talk about how lockdown is going for her.

Holly Willoughby was speechless when she yelled at her barking dog on This Morning earlier this month.

Last week Katie posed for some snaps in her special gown

Nicola was talking about being fed up of doing zoom chats in lockdown when she struggled to keep her pet quiet on air.

The amusing moment saw Holly gasp and cover her mouth as stressed Nicola loudly shouted “shh”.

She also slipped out the swearword “b*****” after being asked if she would dress up for a zoom call.

Nicola ranted: “I’m more concerned about being a primary and secondary school teacher then getting glammed up for a b***** zoom call at 11.03am.”

Nicolas pup started barking during a chat on This Morning earlier this month
Holly and Phil were left shocked when she shouted at him to be quiet

Fearing the pup was about to grumble after the postman knocked at the door while she was on air, Nicola explained: “Oh my God my postman has just come to my door and knocked.

“So if my chihuahua starts barking and going mad, I’m so sorry.”

Ever the professional, Nicola carried on the TV debate, but Jasper the chihuahua was irritated by the knock at the door and started to bark.

Embarrassed Nicola said: “Can you believe this is happening. Only this could happen to me.”


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