Celebs Go Dating’s Amy Childs takes new man Jamie home to meet her daughter Polly, 2


AMY Childs is clearly smitten with her Celebs Go Dating beau Jamie as she’s already introduced him to some of her family.

During last night’s episode of the hit E4 show, Jamie could be seen spending an evening round at Amy‘s Essex home.

Amy Child’s introduced her love interest Jamie to her mum, cousin and her daughter Polly

Clearly feeling at ease, Jamie managed to impress Amy’s mum Julie, her cousin Rachel, and even met Amy’s two-year-old daughter Polly.

The roofer even admitted he thinks it’s an important aspect of dating someone.

“I think the biggest part of dating somebody is getting their mum to like you. That is one of my tactics, yeah, win the mum over,” he said.

And it wasn’t long before Julie was quizzing Jamie about his employment status, and asking him what he thought about Amy being a mother of two children.

Jamie later told Amy that he can see her being his girlfriend

“Have you got a job?” she asked bluntly, to which he replied: “I’ve definitely got a job yes, is that a big thing?”

“That is a big thing. Have you got any children in your family?” she then asked, to which Jamie said he did.

“So you’re used to it, you’re not phased by it or anything?” Julie added.

“No, I’m not phased by kids at all, if anything it impresses me at all to be honest.”

Seeming delighted, Julie told him: “Hold on. you’re ticking loads of boxes Jamie!” before attempting to embarrass her daughter by showing Jamie photos of Amy as a baby.

Amy’s two-year-old daughter Polly waved her wand at Jamie as she greeted him

However, none of this put Jamie off as he later told Amy that he could see her being his girlfriend.

The former TOWIE star also admitted that she could envisage a future with him and appeared giddy as she saw him out.

Grabbing him for a snog, Amy looked smitten as she waved him off.

The successful meet and greet with her family comes after it emerged that she and Jamie may already know each other pretty well.

Jamie and Amy are said to have enjoyed a romp at a restaurant during one of their dates

The Sun Online exclusively revealed that the pair enjoyed a romp in a restaurant during their double date with Made In Chelsea’s Olivia Bentley and her love interest.

An episode was aired on Monday evening and saw the pair make their excuses and leave midway through the meal.

They came back looking dishevelled and gave feeble excuses as to why they left.

But a source told The Sun: “They more than just kissed in the loos. They romped there as the pair couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Amy and Jamie enjoyed a passionate snog at the end of the night

“Surely most viewers knew what was going on. They said it without saying it.”

They added: “The moment and emotion just got the better of them.”

Amy had previously admitted that she and Jamie “clicked really quickly”.


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