Stacey Solomon posts picture of Joe Swashs pants dumped on table and rages: Put your stuff away!


STACEY Solomon has shared a picture of partner Joe Swash’s underpants, raging that she’d had enough of tidying and was going on strike.

Sharing a picture, the Loose Women star – who in recent days has shocked fans with her cleaning and organising techniques – revealed that she had no time on Friday morning to put the underwear away, and then added that it wasn’t even hers but Joe’s.

Stacey and Joe have been together since 2015

She shared that she “seriously didn’t have any time this morning before leaving for work” and that “not one thing on this table is mine so I’m going on strike”.

The picture also revealed that she had left a very specific message for Joe, which read: “Put your darn stuff away or I’m not making dinner tonight!”

She ended the message with a classic mum move, writing: “Love you all!”

Stacey kicked off her 2020 by going on an absolute cleaning frenzy, no doubt inspired by her best friend Mrs Hinch.

Stacey shared her daily mess and revealed she was going on strike
She refused to make dinner if they didn’t clean their mess

Stacey is a mother-of-three

The family all live together

The 30-year-old star and the 29-year-old cleaning guru appear to be competing for the title of Britain’s most organised mum, with mum-of-three Stacey proudly showing her 2.7m followers the contents of her immaculate kitchen cupboards – a task which she says keeps her mind “occupied” when she’s suffering with anxiety.

From dog food and bin bags to tea and coffee, Stacey revealed she stores everything in her pantry in glass jars which are then categorised using her sister Jenna’s cursive sticky labels.

Mrs Hinch, meanwhile, shared that she keeps baby Ronnie’s pouches of Ella’s Kitchen baby food neatly lined-up in slide-out trays labelled ‘Savoury’ and ‘Sweet’, and also showed how neatly-arranged her drawer for candles, napkins and cutlery was.

But Stacey’s newfound appreciation for home hacks has had fans talking, with many suggesting her friendship with Mrs Hinch herself is to blame.One wrote: “Cant remember Stacey doing anything like this before becoming Mrs Hinch bestie.”

Stacey has become obsessed with cleaning hacks

She’s besties with cleaning guru Mrs Hinch

Another posted: “Stacey copying Mrs Hinch and all of a sudden shes the tidy expert.”

One ‘Hincher’ said they had already taken sides, insisting: “Mrs Hinch is the queen of clean and nothing or no one will compete so stop trying Stacey.”


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