Stacey Solomon’s boyfriend Joe Swash jokes Instagram is ‘third person’ in their relationship


STACEY Solomon’s boyfriend Joe Swash joked that Instagram is the ‘third person’ in their relationship.

The TV personality, 30, regularly keeps her 2.9m followers updated with her daily life with her boyfriend and three sons Zachary, 11, Leighton, 7, and nine-month-old Rex – but the former EastEnders star, 38, has revealed that he’s actually quite jealous of the attention her social media platform gets.

Stacey Solomon’s boyfriend Joe Swash jokes Instagram is ‘third person’ in their relationship

She recently poked fun at his new look when he showcased his new HD brows, eyelash perm and spray tan ahead of his Dancing On Ice debut which started earlier this year.

Stacey also took to Instagram to tell Joe off for using the “show cups” when they got their kitchen redone – and now Joe’s had enough of the constant exposure.

He said: “There’s never a special moment between me and Stacey where we’re not on Instagram.

“It’s like the third person in our relationship. I’m really jealous of Instagram, it gets to spend more time with her than I do.”

Stacey took the mick out of her boyfriend for getting a spray tan, HD brows and an eyelash perm on her Instagram story

Joe’s recent injury during Dancing On Ice rehearsals has also amused Stacey on her story

The star does also post cute snaps of Joe and the kids on her profile too

Stacey recently shared a cute snap of the family cuddled up in bed together

However his recent injury during a training session for Dancing On Ice will definitely take his mind off the dreaded third wheel in his relationship.

The actor was rushed to hospital earlier this week after suffering an injury on the ice after he was kicked in the ear by his dance partner Alex Murphy.

The wound quickly got infected and he had an emergency operation to drain the fluid from his ear.

On Tuesday night Joe explained to his 1.3m followers exactly what had happened and said: “I thought we’d get the elephant out of the room and talk about this stupid, ridiculous bandage on my head.

Joe took to his story to address why he had a big bandage wrapped around his head
He’s confirmed that he’s on the mend and will be performing this weekend

“So basically what happened was me and Al were doing disco dad and her skate kicked me in the ear which gave me cauliflower ear.

“Then it go infected which meant last night I had to get rushed to hospital and have an operation on it and cut it open and drain out all the gooey stuff.”


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