Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey hinted at ‘upsetting news’ a month ago when Wanted star received devastating tumour diagnosis


    KELSEY Parker hinted at her husband Tom’s shocking brain tumour diagnosis more than a month ago.

    The actress, 30, posted a cryptic note to her Instagram in early September saying the family had received “upsetting news”.

    Kelsey and Tom Parker announced he has an inoperable brain tumour

    It was revealed only today that the couple were dealt a devastating blow that Tom has a terminal brain tumour.

    The singer, 32, who is a father to 15-month-old daughter Aurelia Rose and also has another baby on the way, revealed that he has stage 4 glioblastoma.

    The couple had gone silent on social media for weeks while dealing with the shocking news, with Kelsey telling her fans they needed a break.

    In September she wrote: “Guys I’ll be back soon…”

    “Receiving lots of messages, asking how I am? Where are we? You miss us? Is the baby ok? (Baby brother is doing great).

    Tom, 32 (left) rose to fame in the pop group Wanted

    Kelsey hinted that something had gone seriously wrong in a cryptic Instagram post last month

    She said the family had received ‘upsetting news’

    “We are working through some very upsetting news as a family. It’s not the right place for me to be online at this moment in time.

    “Please stay with us as family. We love you loads.”

    At the time people said they would “pray” for the family and were “sending them lots of love”.

    They’ve since received an outpouring of support after revealing Tom’s cancer shock.

    Doctors told Tom he has stage 4 glioblastoma, a terminal condition

    Tom and his other half Kelsey, who have been married for two years now, decided to open up about the heartbreaking news that has completely changed their lives.

    After suffering from a number of seizures over the summer, Tom knew something wasn’t right and after a visit to hospital, doctors broke the news to him that he has an inoperable brain tumour.

    Kelsey, who is 36 weeks pregnant, admitted that they have decided to stay clear of knowing how long his prognosis is.

    In in an interview with OK! Magazine, she said: “We didn’t ask for one. I said that for Tom’s state of mind, and who he is as a person, that would not be good for him.

    Tom announced his diagnosis today on Instagram

    “He would literally sit here and count down the days and not live his life.”

    Tom added: “I’d be like, ‘Day one, done’”.

    The pair have decided to take the devastating news one step at a time and try to keep themselves in a positive mind set for what the future holds.

    “We’re not thinking like that. No one can define you by that.

    “Tom went to the hospital with his brother before because I couldn’t go, and I said to his brother, ‘Don’t let them tell him,’ and his brother said he was fishing for an answer.

    Tom is dad to 15-month-old Aurelia and is about to become a dad for the second time in the next month

    “I’m in groups with people going through the same thing, and they said there are people who were told they had three months to live and they’re still going five years later,” Kelsey told the publication.

    The star has had back-to-back chemotherapy and radiotherapy for six weeks and has insisted that he’s going to beat the illness in order to have a future with his family.

    He said: “I’m going to be here, I’m going to fight this.”

    Due to current Covid-19 safety measures in hospitals, Tom was alone when he was told he had stage 4 glioblastoma.

    Kelsey is 34 weeks pregnant with their second child

    The condition is the most common high grade cancerous primary brain tumour in adults, which begins in the brain and can spread very quickly.

    The aggressive cancer is difficult to treat and is resistant to treatment, as the cells within the tumour are not all of the same type.

    Both Tom and Kelsey broke the heart breaking news on Instagram this morning with their followers.

    Alongside a beautiful picture of them at the seaside with their daughter, they wrote: “Hey guys, you know that we’ve both been quiet on social media for a few weeks and it’s time to tell you why.

    The family decided not to find out Tom’s prognosis

    Kelsey said she knew he would just be ‘counting down’ if doctors gave him a timeframe

    Kelsey and Tom have been married for two years

    “There’s no easy way to say this but I’ve sadly been diagnosed with a Brain Tumour and I’m already undergoing treatment.

    “We decided, after a lot of thought, that rather than hiding away and trying to keep it a secret, we would do one interview where we could lay out all the details and let everyone know the facts in our own way.

    “We are all absolutely devastated but we are gonna fight this all the way. We don’t want your sadness, we just want love and positivity and together we will raise awareness of this terrible disease and look for all available treatment options.

    “It’s gonna be a tough battle but with everyone’s love and support we are going to beat this. Tom and Kelsey xxx.”



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