Trump now says Beirut explosion ‘could have been an accident’ and ‘nobody knows’ what caused deadly blast


    IN an apparent backtrack, President Donald Trump has claimed the deadly blast that killed at least 125 people in Lebanon “could have been an accident.”

    Trump’s claimed “nobody knows” what caused the explosion in Beirut at a White House press briefing on Thursday night.

    President Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that the deadly blast that killed at least 135 people in Beirut ‘could be an accident’

    “I can tell you, whatever happened, it’s terrible. But they don’t really know what it is, nobody knows yet,” Trump said when asked about his previous claims that the explosion was an “attack.”

    “Right now you have some people that think it was an attack and you have some people that think it wasn’t,” he continued.

    “In any event, it was a terrible event and a lot of people were killed. A tremendous amount of people were badly wounded, injured and we’re standing with that country.”

    More to follow…

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