Caitlyn Jenners partner Sophia Hutchins wanted to fly in and rescue Im A Celeb star after tearful meltdown


CAITLYN Jenner’s partner Sophia Hutchins wanted to rescue the tearful I’m A Celeb star as she admitted the show has been “gut wrenching” to watch.

American star Caitlyn, 70, has been subjected to TWO bushtucker trials within two days of taking part in the ITV series and broke down in tears, questioning whether she should be on the show.

Caitlyn Jenner’s partner wanted to ‘fly in’ and rescue tearful I’m A Celeb star

Sophia chatted to Lorraine Kelly on Wednesday and said she was ready to mount a rescue mission.

She revealed: “It hasn’t been easy to watch at all when there is someone who is across the globe you kind of feel helpless to begin with.

“When you throw in these challenges and she is crying, it has been gut wrenching to watch.

“The producers take away everyone’s phones so we don’t have any way to contact her. It’s tough.

“Listen, when I saw that video of her crying, I was ready to get on a plane and go down to Australia to figure out what is going on because this wasn’t the Caitlyn (I know).”

Caitlyn was seen telling producers should I even be here?

Sophia, who is also a trans woman, added: “I wanted to call the producers and say ‘no more snakes, no more bugs’ but we knew what they were signing up for.

“They reached out earlier this year and Caitlyn had done it before in early 200s, so she kind of felt she knew what she was signing up for.

“But I think the British version of this show is a lot harder than the US version. Or it’s more challenging for Caitlyn. Maybe because it’s been 15 years.”


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