Gabby Allen denies romping with Jacqueline Jossas husband Dan Osborne and says Myles cheated on her with FIVE women


GABBY Allen yesterday branded her ex Myles Stephenson a compulsive liar over his claims she had an affair with Jacqueline Jossas husband.

HOAR told last week how EastEnders actress Jacqueline suffered a jungle meltdown after Myles told her Gabby had romped with Dan Osborne.

Gabby Allen has hit out at the claims she had an affair with Jacqueline Jossas husband

Jacqueline, 27, only agreed to stay in the Im A Celebrity camp after panicking bosses let her exchange voicemails with Towie star Dan, 28.

But Gabby, 25, told HOAR on Sunday that Myles had cheated on her with five women. She said: He might be pretending to be nice in the jungle, but its just a fraud.

He is not a good person otherwise he wouldnt have treated me so badly. Hes a deceitful narcissist and a compulsive liar.

I look back at our relationship now and wonder if he ever loved me at all. Hes a real Jekyll and Hyde character and he doesnt care what pain and hurt he causes.

Last week, Myles Stephenson dredged up the rumours and said his ex Gabby had slept with Dan Osborne

Former Love Island star Gabby, first linked to Dan last April, told how worried Jacqueline was allowed to send her a message and she replied, reassuring her the rumours were false.

She said: To say something like that to Jacqueline was just cruel. I completely understand that Jacqueline was really p***** off by the rumours about me and Dan, and Im so sorry that I had any part in damaging their marriage.

Its devastating. But, hand on heart, Dan and I were never more than friends.

“At the time I didnt want to upset Jacqueline by getting in touch, but she sent me a text and asked: Is there anything you want to talk to me about?

Jacqueline suffered a jungle meltdown and threatened to quit the show until she was allowed to speak to hubby Dan

So I gave her my side of the story. She said, Thanks and that was it. She probably isnt my biggest fan, whatever she believes now, but I did tell her the truth.

Rumours linking Gabby and Dan surfaced after the pair were pictured together on a yacht in Marbella.

Jacqueline, who has a four-year old daughter with Dan, was pregnant again at the time.

The couple, who married in June 2017, briefly split up before getting back together after the birth of their second daughter, now 17 months.

Gabby says she is ‘devastated’ by the pain caused to Jacqueline and she’s sorry she had any part in it

Gabby, who recently holidayed in Thailand, said: When I heard Myles claimed that Id had an affair with Dan, my response was, How dare you say that about me?

He was pursuing five different women behind my back, and yet every time I asked him about other girls he made me out to be a complete psychopath.

I thought I was going to marry him, but he left me a broken shell of a person. And hes still trying to bring me down now by dragging up old rumours.

Gabby dated Rak-Su singer Myles, 28, from June 2018 to August this year. And after just seven months he boasted to an interviewer: I know how Im going to propose.

But she claims the infidelity rumours aren’t true, saying ‘Dan and I were never more than friends’

But Gabby claims at the time he was also having a secret fling with ex-girlfriend Rebecca Bignell. Gabby said: She says they would sneak into his mums house or book cheap hotels to have sex.

He told Rebecca he was a sex addict. I dont know if he is, but it seems like he just cant stop himself. Hed even sext her when I was in my shower.

And once we started talking we realised he used to send us exactly the same texts and the same X-rated photos that hed send me.

He called us both baby. He even wrote us both romantic songs. It was like he copied and pasted everything.

And she blasted Myles by calling him ‘a deceitful narcissist and a compulsive liar’

But when I confronted him about girls at the time, hed flip out. One night, after he only got home at 6am, I asked why he hadnt texted.

“He flew into a rage, f-ing and blinding, calling me a c***. I remember him shouting, Well, I always come home to you, so what does it matter?

Gabby said Myles also messaged ex Meghan Cresswell. He sent one text asking her Where are you staying? while having dinner with Gabby in a London restaurant.

It is understood Myles and Meghan never met up behind Gabbys back as the model refused to see the X Factor star as long as he had a girlfriend.

Gabby also claims that it was in fact Myles who cheated on her with five different women

But Gabby dumped Myles when she found out about the message six months after they started.

She said: The deceit Myles showed is unbelievable. At one stage he moved to his mums to give us both some space, but he was still texting me saying that he wanted us to have kids.

“To add insult to injury, Ive also been contacted by three other women who claim he pursued them while we were together.

Its all so f***** up, and it still messes with my head now. Thats why its so unbelievable that he has the nerve to accuse me of cheating with Dan.

The former Love Island star says ‘its so unbelievable that he has the nerve to accuse me of cheating with Dan’

She added: I was determined to not retaliate when Myles started talking about me in the jungle.

Even when he denied cheating last week and said I over-reacted amid the fall-out of our break-up, I took a deep breath and stayed quiet.

But how can I be expected to sit here and take these accusations? Im sorry, no. Im not letting him tarnish my reputation like this.

Gabby adds that she didn’t want to respond to the claims but was forced to step in to save her reputation


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