Ian Wright explodes in F-word rant as he gets snappy over crocodile dinner on Im A Celebrity


HUNGRY Ian Wright flipped his lid on I’m A Celebrity tonight, exploding at his campmates in a furious F-word rant.

Offered another portion of crocodile feet and mountain spinach the 56-year-old snapped: “I said I don’t want no more f**king crocodile, bruv.”

Ian Wright kicked off at his campmates over a dinner of crocodile feet

Andrew Maxwell has been enouraging him to tuck into another foot, but Ian insisted: “I don’t want no more. I really honestly don’t want no more.”

The 44-year-old comedian then replied: “Jesus, the drama” – causing the football legend to explode.

Ian later explained: “There is nothing more frustrating than when you’re saying no to something and someone continues to ask you… It’s annoying.”

The Match Of The Day pundit, who is being paid an estimated 400,000 to do the show, earlier said he would “pay a grand for a Cadbury’s Creme Egg”.

Andrew Maxwell sat in stunned silence after Ian’s outburst

Myles Stephenson and Kate Garraway failed to return from their challenge with Creme Eggs



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