Im A Celeb fans left cringing as Myles reads Dan Osbornes letter to Jacqueline after cheat claims


I’M A Celeb fans cringed when Myles Stephenson read out Jacqueline Jossa’s letter from home – after revealing her husband Dan Osborne cheated on her.

Viewers recoiled during the scenes last night that left Jacqueline, 27, in floods of tears, before Myles, 28, was eliminated from the jungle.

Andy Whyment was supposed to read Jacqueline’s letter but didn’t have his glasses in arm’s reach, which prompted Myles to offer to do it

The former EastEnders star previouslythreatened to quit the show early after fellow campmate Myles told her he believed Dan cheated on her with his ex Gabby Allen.

Andy Whyment held the letter first after Jac said she couldn’t face it, but the Corrie star didn’t have his reading glasses on.

Myles was sitting beside Andy and offered to read it for Jac – which didn’t go down well with fans.

And one fan said on Twitter: “Is it not awks for Myles to read Jacquelines letter from Dan after those accusations #ImACeleb.”

Another said: “Myles reading Jacquelines letter from Dan….. you love to see it #ImACeleb.”

Jacqueline, 27, was sobbing as Myles read Dan’s letter

One more fan remarked: “How ironic Andy doesn’t have his glasses to read Jacqueline letter from Dan so Myles reads it instead #ImACeleb.”

And another said on Twitter: “I find it quite awkward that Myles is reading out Jacquelines letter #imacelebrity #imaceleb #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere”

Another remarked: “#ImACeleb bit of a low blow expecting myles to read jaqs letter from home off Dan Osborne considering his ex gabby been carrying on with him .. ooopsiee #cringe”

Jacqueline was sobbing when Myles read the letter out from Dan, which said: “I want to firstly say Im so, so, so proud of you! My days just arent complete without you in them.”


Jacqueline and Dan married in 2017

“I miss my wife like mad, I cant wait to see that pretty face. You also have two little best friends here waiting for you.

“Mia kisses a picture of you and Ella is always asking when is Mummy coming back from the jungle.

“Im giving them extra kisses for you every day. See you real soon babe.”

Dan has brought his daughters with Jac to Australia

In the Bush Telegraph, she said: “That letter for me, them words, is what I needed.

“Its really hard being in a jungle away from your family, away from your kids. Ive learnt a lot about myself on this journey.”

Dan and Gabby have both denied the cheating claims, with Dan branding it all boring.


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