Im a Celeb fans shocked as Cliff Parisi does a trial hours after avoiding first vote off


I’M a Celeb fans were left shocked tonight as Cliff Parisi volunteered for a trial hours after avoiding the first vote off.

The Call the Midwife star was a late entry to the jungle and has been ruled out of numerous Bush Tucker Trials on medical grounds since.

I’m a Celeb fans were left shocked tonight as Cliff Parisi volunteered for a trial hours after avoiding the first vote off

His lack of participation in the trials left many fans convinced he would be the first celebrity to be voted out of the jungle during last night’s show, but in the end, it was Adele Roberts who went home.

However, Ant and Dec announced that online votes wouldn’t count in Friday’s eviction after fans were asked to pick who they wanted to leave – not stay.

Phone voters, as usual, were asked who they wanted to keep, but many insisted 59-year-old ex-EastEnder Cliff would have gone last night instead if her young fanbase’s app votes had been counted.

As if he could sense the way viewers could be feeling towards him, Cliff volunteered to take part in tonight’s trial, Under Critter Construction.

Cliff was joined by Myles Stephenson for the trial
The trial was called Under Critter Construction

Standing up and addressing everyone, Cliff said: I would like to do this challenge because anything to do with construction Im really good at, so bring it on!

James Haskell said the names should still be drawn out of a hat but Kate Garraway said: Cliff wants to do it.

James came back: We are all really clear that Cliffs doing it but its about showcasing yourself or whatever, is for us to do that.

Cliff answered: Im quite happy to be in all week and do a trial. James interrupted: Yeah we can all do that thats the point, its for us to make sure that everyone gets a fair shot to do it.

Cliff had to pass tools to Myles via a pulley system

In the Bush Telegraph Cliff said: It all got a bit confusing because James goes bleaurgh bleaugh bleaugh and no-one knows what the hell is going on so we just go oh alright then.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “cliff wanting to do a trial wehey! #imaceleb”.

Another added: “Cliff is actually doing a trial! #ImACeleb.”

While a third tweeted: “cliff FINALLY doing a trial good man #ImACeleb.”

Cliff had to contend with an array of jungle critters
Viewers will be pleased to see Cliff doing a trial after being ruled out of many on medical grounds

In the end, Cliff was joined by Myles Stephenson for the trial, where they wouldboth become construction workers in two tunnels and would have to try and win 11 stars for camp.

Host Declan Donnelly added the Trial was all about communication so they would be given walkie talkies so Myles could request specific tools to unlock stars in his tunnels whilst Cliff found the tools in his tunnels and passed them to Myles via a pulley system.

The pair managed to win eight stars out of a possible 11.


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