Im A Celeb panic as Andrew Maxwell chokes on camel meat and the others rush to save him


I’M A Celeb contestants were plunged into panic tonight as Andrew Maxwell choked on a chunk of camel.

The outlaws were given a meal of camel, purple congos, karkalia and asparagus shoots for their lunch with bananas for desert after Jacqueline Jossa and Myles Stephenson won meals for them during the Bushtucker trial.

Andrew was tucking into some camel when he began to choke

And while the main camp were left stunned by Jacqueline’s decision to feed the Outlaws instead – not realising she had left it to chance – the big drama came when comedian Andrew Maxwell began to choke while tucking in.

Myles cooked the 6 star meal for his Jailhouse campmates and they all tucked in until they were distracted by Andrew struggling to breathe.

Andrew ate a large part of camel and started to choke as it got stuck in his throat.

Kate and Andy rushed to help him by hitting him on the back as Andrew knelt down to try and dislodge the camel in his throat.

The campmates rushed in to help him

Andrew thanked God for surviving instead of Kate who actually saved him

Eventually it worked and the meat came out and Jacqueline got him some water to recover leaving the other campmates relieved it hadn’t been more serious.

“Chew your food, mate you scared us,” said Myles as Andrew thanked everyone.

Kate told him: “You went bright red, I was like ‘oh my god’.” Andy added: “Please dont do that again Andrew.”

Trying to lighten the mood former EastEnders star Cliff offered to chew Andrew’s meat in future, leaving Andrew chuckling before Kate also added her offer to munch on his meat – not realising how it sounded.

She loudly told him: “I can chew your meat anytime you need.”

Hearing what she said, the camp mates burst into laughter with Kate spluttering: “I didnt mean it like that!.”

“I cant believe I nearly killed Andrew Maxwell,” said Myles.

Andrew said: “You didnt, I nearly killed me.”

Later Andrew stepped into the sunlight and raised his arms out and said: “Not today Lord, not today, thank you for the second chance.”


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