Im A Celeb viewers joke theyd suffocate snoring James Haskell as Jacqueline Jossa comes up with clever cure


I’M A Celebrity viewers joked they’d “suffocate” James Haskell after he kept Jacqueline Jossa up with his snoring.

The former England rugby player, 34, snored throughout the night – but luckily Jac found out that if she coughed, he stopped snoring.

Jacqueline came up with a good technique to deal with the snoring

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, the ex-EastEnders actress said: “Sharing a bedroom with James, I hadnt thought it through because he snores!”

However, viewers weren’t as understanding as Jac when it comes to snoring, with some even joking they’d smother him.

One person said: “If i was Jacqueline i’d have smothered him with her luxury pillow”

Viewers were not so kind about the snoring

A second person added: “If I was a campmate in #imaceleb Id have no problem whatsoever taking on the bugs and critters in the trials, but the other campmates snoring would make me cry!”

A third said: “Id of shoved a yabby up each of James nostrils if I had to listen to that all night”

Meanwhile. James clashed with comedian Andrew Maxwell during the Dingo Dollar Challenge.

They were asked “What percentage of adults do not trust politicians?” with the choice of A 59% and B 79%.

Adele thought it was B, whereas Andrew thought A. James asked for a show of hands and then told Andrew Whyment, who answered the phone, to give the answer B.

Andrew said: “Not everyone put their hands up.”

Jacqueline managed to deal with it

Then James snapped back: “They did.”

Andrew walked off in a strop, so James then cleared the air between the two – and they hugged it out.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph, James said: “Everyones tired, everyones a bit chippy, everyones had a long day, things happen. Im just mortified if he (Andrew) think I just closed him down.”


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