Im A Celeb viewers outraged as whole camp is punished for Caitlyn Jenners rule-breaking after she smuggled in food


I’M A Celebrity viewers were left outraged tonight as the whole camp was punished for Caitlyn Jenner’s rule break last night.

The 70-year-old reality star smuggled a corn on the cob back for Ian Wright as he missed out on having a roast dinner with most of the camp.

The whole camp was punished after Caitlyn Jenner sneaked food in for Ian Wright

The generous act was appreciated by the former footballer who wolfed down the leftovers while trying the hide the food from cameras in his hammock.

But Caitlyn’s flouting of the rules didn’t go down well with the show’s producers who took it out on everyone by reducing their rations.

Fans of the show were upset with the mean punishment and one tweeted: ”
Another added: ”

A third wrote: ”

Caitlyn didn’t want Ian to miss out on the roast dinner

The whole camp had one star taken off them

But they still ate a hearty meal

Earlier in the episode Andrew Maxwell won 10 stars for camp – but after Caitlyn was caught smuggling food,they had a star deducted.

“If I knew they were going to punish us Id have ate it out in the open,” Ian fumed,

“Its a little disappointing that it went from ten stars to nine stars because of smuggling,” Caitlyn said.

“I honestly cant imagine anyone in this group smuggling food. I mean how low do you have to go?”

Ian Wright enjoyed the sweetcorn and chicken Caitlyn got him
Caitlyn helped out her fellow campmate

Meanwhile, Andy Whyment commented that no one had smuggled food for him.

“Im going to call it Smuggle-gate,” he said.

“I was kind of disappointed at first but once Myles started chopping stuff up and putting it into the pot we realised how much food we had and we were all absolutely made up.”

But despite the reduced rations, Myles and Nadine cooked what the campmates described as the “best dinner they’d had”.

They ate gem fish, wild cabbage, lions mane, chokos, heirlooms and longan for dessert.


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