Im a Celebrity campmates take on terrifying Face Your Fears Bushtucker trial


I’M A Celebrity campmates tonight took on the terrifying Face Your Fears Bushtucker trial.

All five Snake Rock celebrities had to take part in tonight’s challenge, which saw spiders, scorpions and snakes poured on their heads.

James Haskell was first up to take on the Face Your Fears Bushtucker Trial

This evening the group went off to face the trial all together.

James, Ian, Caitlyn, Jacqueline and Andrew all sat as hosts Ant and Dec explained what they’d have to do.

“Every time I see you, something bad happens” laughed Caitlyn.

Dec revealed that after the Trial all campmates would live together in the Main Camp. “We’ve had a lovely time in Snake Rock. We’d like to meet other people” said Andrew.

Caitlyn Jenner was joined by snakes in her fish bowl
The campmates waited nervously to find out what they would face

All five celebrities would have to undertake the trial which was called Face Your Fears.

Ant and Dec explained that viewers had been voting for what critters each celebrity would have to face.

They would have to put their head into a clear Perspex helmet and their hands into a box.

They would have two minutes to release two stars using the tools provided. There were two stars each, making a total of ten possible stars and ten meals for camp.

It was all too much for Jacqueline Jossa

First up was James. He got in position as six rats were placed into the helmet. He gently moved an allen key around to unscrew the first star.

The rats scrambled around him as he worked. After one minute, he released one star but struggled to release the second. “It’s tough for us big guys” joked Dec.

Andrew was next. He winced as cockroaches were poured into the helmet and into the box in front of him.

Like James he managed to release the first star but despite being encouraged by his fellow campmates, he didn’t quite manage to release the second star in time. “I want to eat dinner” he replied when asked about his motivation during the Trial.

Next up was Caitlyn. “Oh great” she said as jungle pythons were placed in her helmet. The others encouraged her, giving her careful advice and she managed to release one star.

She struggled to find the second allen key but self-assuredly released the second star well within the two minutes. “That’s how you do it” she said victoriously. “And I have to say is Bush Tucker Trials are Olympics, that was gold medal standard” said Ant.

Next up was Ian. He got into position and scorpions were placed in his helmet ad in his box.

He calmly unscrewed one star and threw it on the floor. Ian continued with the second star before time ran out. Like James and Andrew before him, he got one star.

Finally Jacqueline took her turn. Visibly nervous, she said that spiders would be her worst fear.

Sure enough as she put the helmet in place, rangers brought out spiders in a next of leaves.

She bravely closed her eyes and got to work. Taking deep breaths to calm herself, her fingers nimbly unscrewed first one star, and then a second. Her campmates hugged her as she returned to her seat, victorious.

Not only did Jacqueline complete the task, but she did it in the quickest time.

Jacqueline’s two stars meant that the celebrities won a total of seven stars and so seven meals for camp.

Tomorrow Adele Roberts and Roman kemp will take on the first dreaded eating challenge with the Just Desserts Bushtucker Trial.

  • Catch the next episode of I’m A Celebrity from 9pm on ITV tomorrow night


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