I’m A Celebrity has secret hot showers that are NEVER seen on camera, reveals Snoochie Shy


I’M A Celebrity has proper hot showers that the show’s stars are allowed to use after doing a trial, former contestant Snoochie Shy has revealed.

The BBC Radio 1 Xtra star, 29, made the surprising admission as she confessed they could also use luxuries like hair conditioner while in there.

DJ Snoochie Shy has revealed there were hot showers in the castle
The star was the third to be evicted from I’m A Celeb

Snoochie – whose real name is Cheyenne Davide – let slip that her campmate Adam Woodyatt faced the wrath of show bosses by sneaking some conditioner into the main camp for her.

She confessed the Ian Beale actor, 53, discreetly took the shea butter conditioner from the downstairs bathroom at Gwrych Castle, where the stars can go and get cleaned up after a messy trial only.

Snoochie told RadioTimes.com: “One of my best mates in there was Adam.

“I got on really well with Adam and we were talking about when we get

“I’m going to take him to a rap show and he’s going to take me to a

Before she added: “He also stole some conditioner from the downstairs proper toilet.

“After a trial, if you get really wet, you’re allowed to have proper
shower and you’re not allowed to take any of the stuff out of those
showers into the castle – and Adam had snuck in some shea butter
conditioner for my hair because I’d taken my braids out and had my
natural hair out there.

“Adam took it and gave it to me. I think he may have got in trouble for that as well.”

Fans had previously commented on the lack of shower scenes in this series.

Producers are usually very keen to air the moments stars go for a wash, with some ranking among the series’ most iconic moments.

Myleene Klass made the jungle waterfall her own and stars including AJ Pritchard and Jessica Plummer often popped in and out of the castle’s bath.

But this series not a single celeb has even been seen in the bathroom – bar the moment they looked around their new lodgings.

It led to some fans to speculate that stars were being treated to a wash after the trials, during which they are gunged with fish guts or overrun with creepy-crawlies.

One viewer wrote: “I jus wanna know how they look so pristine coming back from these trials? there must be a secret shower we don’t know about.”

Another said: “Why are they coming back from trials clean 🧽 .

“In Australia they are expected to walk through the bush full of all sorts but when here I bet they get a hot shower.”

But at the time s spokesperson for I’m A Celebrity declined to comment.

Snoochie was the third star to be evicted from the Welsh castle, but the model and presenter didn’t seem too down about it, telling her campmates: “I’m off to have a snogging session.”

Watching back her best bits with hosts Ant and Dec, Snoochie said: “It’s quite emotional. I met so many great people. You become such close friends really quickly. I feel like I’ve got a little family.”

The previously regular on-screen showers were absent during this year’s show


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