Im A Celebritys James Haskell scolds his foot with boiling water after Andrew takes a nap instead of doing his chores


I’M A Celeb’s James Haskell was left fuming tonight as comedian Andrew Maxwell took a NAP instead of doing his chores.

The lazy comic won 10 stars for camp in a solo Bushtucker Trial – and he thought his success meant he could knock off early.

Andrew Maxwell went for a nap instead of doing his chores after his Bushtucker Trial

But the move landed him in hot water when James Haskell was forced to help Caitlyn Jenner with the lunchtime washing up – and badly scolded his foot.

Andrew insisted in going for a nap instead of helping Caitlyn with the lunchtime washing up.

“Well do this later rather than do it in the heat of the day,” he said.

Caitlyn was happy for him to go and said shed find someone else to wash up with her as Andrew had earned the rest.

“Just go take a nap, you earned it,” she said as Andrew happily trundled off to his hammock for a rest.

James Haskell was forced to muck in with the washing up

But Ian Wright was fuming at Andrew’s decision.

“Its amazing some people are just not cut out for success,” he fumed.

“Dont go and rest just kick on and do your job.”

Myles joked that he was planning to have a nap at 8pm rather than cook.

Trying to keep the peace, camp leader James said: “Come on guys there is no point having an issue about it, its a waste of energy.”

Andrew takes a nap

In the Bush Telegraph Ian explained: “OK so youve got the ten stars what are you coming back and going to sleep for, youve got a 70 year old woman who is ready to work and you are meant to be working with her, do it with her and then rest.”

Things went from bad to worse when on the way down to do the washing up James scalded his foot with the hot water he was carrying.

“The hot water just slipped out and poured right into my boot, I couldnt get my boot off in time and its blistered the front of my foot,” he told Caitlyn before cursing as heading back to camp.

Poor James scolds his foot trying to help Caitlyn

“James is our leader, hes too nice and hes gone down there with two buckets of hot water and scalded his foot because he didnt do his job and just lead,” Ian said in the Bush Telegraph.

He told his campmates: “Im having to hold myself in now its as well Im not the leader because this wouldnt be happening, hed be down there doing it.

“We are grateful for the ten stars but at the same time you cant get the stars and clock off or there would be anarchy.

“I dont know how Im going to let this lie. If this was in our football team you cant see someone clock off because theyve done a fantastic thing.”

Andrew was determined to get some shut-eye in the middle of the day

Ian and Roman noisily replaced the clean washing up disturbing Andrews rest.

When Andrew woke up, Ian raged: “James went to help with the dishes and what Im saying is that because you got the stars, Caitlyn wanted to do it (washing up) and you went to sleep and you didnt do your job.

“We have so much time to sleep. Do you understand what Im saying?”
Andrew agreed that in future he’ll do the washing up when Caitlyn wants to, he added: “No bother my end.”


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