I’m A Celebrity’s Jessica Plummer had NAKED showers on show so she wouldn’t be filmed like Myleene


SOAP star Jessica Plummer came up with a stark way to avoid being seen on TV in the I’m A Celebrity shower like Myleene Klass — she simply stripped naked.

The 28-year-old former EastEnders actress knew the reality show’s producers would then have nothing they could broadcast to a family audience.

Jessica Plummer says she bathed naked so producers wouldn’t show her shower scenes
The actress wanted to avoid recreating Myleene Klass’s iconic shower moment

She said: “Just get naked and have your shower and don’t worry, they cannot show it.

“Every time I went in the shower I just took off all my clothes. When you’re cold and you’ve got a swimming costume clinging on to you, it makes you feel colder.

“So I was like, ‘Sod this, they’re not going to put my naked bottom on the show, I’m just going to take it all off’.

“And then the cameras just went ‘zoom’ and they then turned away and I was like, ‘Perfect. Every time!’”

Her cheeky plan meant producers had nothing to broadcast to a family audience

Jess’s cheeky plan meant that except for one brief shot of her cleaning — with her modesty covered by the makeshift shower curtain — producers had zero footage of her scrubbing up.

And she joked that they would have had to look very hard to even clock her in the shower, as in 18 days she only washed six times while at Gwrych Castle in North Wales.

Jess, who played Chantelle Atkins in EastEnders until she was killed off earlier this year, was eliminated from the castle on Tuesday, said: “Between me and you — and all of your readers — I had six showers. I’m disgusting!

“You’re just so cold you don’t want to take off your clothes, you just cannot be bothered.”

Jessica had her water pumped by Giovanna Fletcher

In 18 days Jessica only showered six times

She said the near-zero temperatures meant everyone dodged the washroom, instead layering up with thermals, coats and several pairs of socks.

She said: “The camp was very pongy. The bathroom smelt like fish guts. It smelt like offal, the offcuts of meat.

“I had a bath last night and I was in there for 52 minutes. The colour of the bath when I got out . . .  I don’t even want to talk about the shades of grey.

“It’s not just the offal, it’s the smoke from the fires. When you blow your nose, it’s just all black.”

Myleene became infamous for taking an outdoor waterfall shower in an eye-catching white bikini 

Some viewers have pointed out that at times the campmates almost looked warm, despite the outside temperatures being just above freezing in North Wales.

Many of them, including Vernon Kay and AJ Pritchard, have even tackled trials in just T-shirts, prompting viewers to complain that they were getting an easier ride than in Australia.

But Jess said: “We’re in Wales, we’re not in Australia, it’s not 30 degrees. We are freezing cold the whole time.

“All of us had thermals. I wore three pairs of socks at one point. I asked for boots that were two sizes bigger so that I could fit in.

“And it wasn’t till I just kind of surrendered to it that I think I really started to just enjoy the process.”

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