I’m A Celebrity’s Jordan North shows off impressive six-pack after being unable to sink pints in the castle


I’M A Celebrity favourite Jordan North impressed his campmates and viewers tonight – after showing off a six-pack.

Shane Ritchie, 56, was stunned when she saw him shirtless campmate in the shower room and pointed out how ripped he was.

Jordan North was delighted when Shane Richie pointed out his six-pack

One fan gasped: “Jordan hid that six pack well. Thought he was chubby this whole time!”

Another tweeted: “Not going to lie, Jordan does have a nice body.”

Viewers saw Shane tell the 30-year-old star: “You’ve got a six-pack there – that’s good. I can see the definition.”

An astonished Jordan insisted he runs twice a week but was as surprised as anyone, replying: “I’ve not seen that before – that’s because I’ve not drunk beer.”

Viewers were treated to a close-up of Radio 1 star Jordan in the shower
Shane prodded the star’s stomach saying: ‘I can see the definition’
He prodded his chest after derobing for a shower with Shane

Shane helped him spread the word, sending the words: “Jordan’s got a six-pack, everyone” echoing around the castle walls.

Speaking to producers in private later, Jordan said: “Shane may or may not have said – I’m blushing – that I was getting a bit of a six-pack which was very flattering.”

He added: “He was very complimentary of said stomach.”


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