I’m A Celebrity’s Kadeena Cox accused of ‘fake crying’ by cruel trolls as she breaks down in tears


I’M A Celebrity’s Kadeena Cox has been accused of faking her tears by cruel trolls after last night’s intense bushtucker trial.

The Paralympian crumbled and yelled “get me out of here” after being surrounded by 50 snakes in a dark pit during Bed Chamber of Thrills.

Kadeena Cox broked down after last night’s trial

But some viewers questioned her authenticity after she put herself forward for the trial.

One wrote on Twitter: “Oh ffs Kadeena, you volunteered for it. Stop crying.”

Another posted: “Cor blimey she needs an Oscar for that fakecrying.”

A third said: “Why she crying, sounded fake.”

Kadeena was surrounded by creepy crawlies in the pitch black as she went about dropping stars to Arlene Phillips who was also in total darkness and had to secure the loot.

After successfully completing the terrifying trial, the lights came on – which sent Kadeena into a panic after seeing the snakes.

She hysterically sobbed: “Please get me out, please get me out…”

“Oh I feel so bad,” Arlene told hosts Ant and Dec.

Distressed Kadeena couldn’t stop crying until she was removed from the bunk.

Ant told her: “You did so well until the lights went on. You were overcome.”

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The pair celebrated getting ten stars in the trial, which was filmed before Storm Arwen forced the celebrities out of the Castle.

Sports star Kadeena shrieked: “Arlene I just dropped one [a star]…” to which acclaimed choreographer Arlene responds: “Oh no I’ve dropped it again”.

Starting to fear the snakes in the pit with her, Kadeena panicked as she shouted: “Arlene I really need to get out of here, please, please, please, please”.

While Arlene, 78, calmly searched for the missing star in the dark, Kadeena screamed: “Argh there’s something stuck to my leg oh my gosh… Have you done them [stars] all?”

Unfortunately for the medal-winner, Arlene struggled once again to find the star and admitted: “I think I might have dropped one in this bed”.

In a complete panic, Kadeena snapped: “Oh come on please Arlene find it, I can’t stay in here!”.Thankfully, Kadeena lasted the entire trial and brought back ten stars for camp.

Kadeen was surrounded by snakes in a dark pit
Despite the snakes, she won 10 stars for camp


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