Im A Celebritys Myles Stephenson has terrifying secret fear of small spaces, reveal Rak-Su bandmates


I’M A Celebrity’s Myles Stephenson has a terrifying secret fear of small spaces, his Rak-Su bandmates have revealed.

Myles, 28, will have his biggest fear put to the test in the show’s Bushtucker trials if he’s “put in a box”.

I’m A Celebrity’s Myles Stephenson has a terrifying secret fear of small spaces

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine today Rak-Su, who won The X Factor in 2017, dished on their pal’s phobia.

Rapper Mustafa Rahimtulla told Lorraine Kelly that Myles hates: “Spiders and enclosed spaces. God forbid you are ever in an elevator with him and you’re joking around, he hates it.”

And Ashley Fongho added: “If they put him in a box suspended in the air full of spiders, it’s just not going to go down well.”

Meanwhile, Jamaal Shurland insisted the band has supported Myles’ decision to go on I’m A Celeb.

He told viewers: “It’s a family. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders, we will be voting for him to do all the trials.”

Rak-Su stars Mustafa Rahimtulla, Jamaal Shurland and Ashley Fongho spoke about bandmate Myles Stephenson heading into the jungle

Before heading into the jungle Myles, who recently split from Love Islands Gabby Allen, said he wanted to befriend Caitlyn Jenner and bag a date with her super-rich daughters KendallandKylie Jenner.

He said of the pair: Theyre beautiful people, but personally Kendall is naturally stunning. Shes phenomenal.”

And speaking today, bandmate Ashley said he’ll be looking for his “second chance” to get a date with Kendall.

He explained: “Actually last year we were in LA, and we were in the same bar as Kendall Jenner.”

Lorraine quipped: “Was he too shy?”

Myles Stephenson and Roman Kemp win their first trial, walk the plank

Myles is hoping to befriend Caitlyn Jenner in the jungle so he can go on a date with her daughter Kendall

And Ashley confessed: “Yeah he was. But this is like his second chance.”

Myles wasdumped by his girlfriend Gabby after she caught him messaging other girls behind her back.

Gabby grew suspicious of Myles’ sketchy behaviour and a pal said: “Gabby suspected Myles had been messaging a girl a while ago, but he told her that one of his mates had used his Instagram account. Then when they were meant to be having space apart, Gabby caught him red-handed. She immediately ended the relationship.”


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