I’m A Celebrity’s Ruthie Henshall breaks down in tears as she has her first ‘low’ day in camp


I’M A Celebrity’s Ruthie Henshall broke down in tears tonight as she had her first ‘low’ day in camp.

The West End star was a late arrival to camp alongside Russell Watson last week.

Ruthie Henshall broke down in tears on tonight’s I’m a Celebrity

While the pair have slotted nicely into camp with the rest of the celebrities, Ruthie felt a bit emotional in tonight’s episode.

Vernon Kay noticed Ruthie, 53, had left the breakfast area early and hadn’t finished her food.

When the 46-year-old presenter went to see if she was alright, he found Ruthie in tears on her bed.

“Are you alright? Do you just miss home?” he asked as she wiped her tears.

The West End star was feeling low

Vernon Kay checked on Ruthie when he realised she hadn’t finished her breakfast

Vernon told her everyone had “had a dip” before adding: “I didn’t think I’d be switching to the ‘happy place’ as often as I am.”

In the Telegraph, a tearful Ruthie said: “I’m such a tough cookie, you know I pride myself on being such a tough cookie…but I’m really not.

“And nobody sees me like that, they see me as a very strong, tough woman.”

Back in the sleeping quarters, Victoria Derbyshire consoled her, saying: “You are absolutely allowed to feel vulnerable, no one is strong all of the time, no one.

He brought her his luxury item – a cashmere blanket – to cheer her up

“No one is happy all of the time, none of these things are a permanent state, it’s good to let it out, let it go, get it out of your system.”

Ruthie continued in the Telegraph: “You have an idea of you will be in here, I’ll be the mother, I’ll be the entertainer, I’ll be this, that and the other, but you’re not the strong woman that you thought you were.”

Ruthie said she didn’t feel like the ‘tough cookie’ she always thought she was

Vernon then brought Ruthie his cashmere blanket from home, which was his luxury item, leading Ruthie to tell him how kind he is.

He added: “I’m just having a moment, it’s that realisation that you are so much more vulnerable than you think you are.

“It might be for me that I need to stop putting on the armour, what works in the outside world, you know the armour you put on out there, just doesn’t work in here.”


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