Im A Celebs Adele Roberts is SO obsessed with Jane McDonald she bought her book to the jungle, reveals partner Kate


I’M A Celebrity star Adele Roberts is so obsessed with Jane McDonald she even brought her book all the way to Australia with her.

The radio host, 40, left viewers baffled after choosing a picture of the former Loose Women panellist as her luxury item.

Adele brought Jane’s book to Australia with her, Kate revealed

However, in video published to Radio 1’s Twitter page, her partner Kate Holderness insists Adele has always been a huge fan.

In fact, the former Big Brother star even went as far as taking Jane’s book all the way to Oz with her.

Ahead of her jungle debut, Kate revealed Adele was permitted to bring one book after having her electronics taken off her.

Speaking to host Greg James, she said: “She had all her electronics taken off her and I can’t speak to her now. She’s got one book with her, she’s allowed a book.”

The radio host baffled viewers after choosing a picture of Jane as her luxury item

Roman Kept put the picture up in camp

Greg asked: “What book has she got?”

Kate replied: “She’s got Riding The Waves by Jane McDonald. It’s just been released.”

As the studio erupted into laughter, Greg added: “I always forget that Adele Roberts is a huge Jane McDonald fan.”

Kate continued: “She’s got the audio book already, but she wasn’t allowed to take that with her. She’s had to get the paper copy as well.”

Kate revealed Adele’s obsession on Radio 1

Jane took to Twitter to thank Adele for the mention

Adele won the picture alongside her campmates

Greg later joked that he hoped Jane would be a late arrival into the camp.

During last night’s episode, Adele said she was huge fan of Jane’s work.

Jane, 56, responded on Twitter, writing: “Absolutely thrilled to see my picture in the jungle. @AdeleRoberts I flipping love you. Best of luck #ImACeleb.”

The radio DJ shot to fame on series three of Big Brother with Jade Goody in 2002, and was known for getting into rows with her fellow housemates.

In one row, she mocked Jade, who died in 2009, for having a verruca on her foot and not knowing what it was.

She previously revealed she wishes she was a nicer person then, saying: “Looking back, I carried a lot of guilt about the way I acted in Big Brother and I feel like I let myself down and I could have been a much nicer person.

“Id like to show a better side to myself this time. To both the campmates in there by treating them better but also to come out and have a positive experience not a negative one.”


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