Im a Celebs Myles Stephenson disgusts his co-stars after admitting he hasnt showered for days


I’M A Celeb’s Myles Stephenson disgusted his co-stars tonight after admitting he hasn’t showered for days.

The Rak-Su singer was seen sniffing his underarms before telling his fellow campmates the smell had woken him up.

I’m A Celeb’s Myles Stephenson disgusted his co-stars tonight after admitting he hasn’t showered for days

He asked: How long ago did we do the fish guts thing? I havent showered since then.

Horrified and laughing Ian Wright replied: Dont lie! Your bottom must smell like an atom bomb.

“I dont want to talk to you and I cant look you in the eye. You stinky bum.

James Haskell added: You stinky little teenage boy!

Myles said everyone in camp smells and he doesn’t need to impress anyone
James and Ian mocked Myles for being smelly

But Myles was unperturbed by their comments, and said in the Bush Telegraph: “We all smell, why do I need to shower?

“I am not here to impress I am here to get stars, I am the star lord!”

Despite his comments, viewers saw Myles, 28, flirt with Kate Garraway, 52, during yesterday’s show.

Jacqueline Jossa asked him what was the oldest he would go and Myles shocked them with his reply.

He said: I dont know, Ive slept with someone older that Kate Garraway. You are the same age as my mum.

And youve slept with someone older than your mum? asked Jacqueline. Yep, he replied.

Nadine Coyle asked him how it came about and Myles simply said: Just had a night out.”

Myles told Kate she was his crush on yesteday’s show
Myles revealed he had slept with a woman the same age as Kate
Kate said it was flattering to know women of a certain age are still seen as attractive

Kate – who is happily married to husband Derek Draper – was flattered, and said: thats good to know because I think when you approach 50 it feels like you are no longer attractive.

“Its a massive number and it feels like a big thing.

Myles continued to flirt, revealing: You are one of my TV crushes, you are beautiful.


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