Jacqueline Jossa takes a swipe at Im A Celeb campmate Kate Garraway for being too nice in the jungle


JACQUELINE Jossa took a swipe at her I’m A Celeb co-star Kate Garraway and said she was “too nice” in the jungle.

The show champ admitted Kate’s attitude got under her skin, and even described her as “painful” to live with.

Jacqueline Jossa took a swipe at I’m A Celeb campmate Kate Garraway for being ‘too nice’ in the jungle

Jacqueline, 27, made her remarks when Alan Carr invited the pair on to his chat show Re-Play, and pointed out that this years’ crop of celebs were “all so friendly”.

But the ex-EastEnders star said it was too much to bear, and told the host: “It was very painful.

“She was too nice all the time.”

Putting the Good Morning Britain presenter in her place, Jacqueline added: “She said sorry about everything.”

The pair joined Alan Carr on his chat show Celebrity Re-Play
Kate admitted she got on her campmates’ nerves by apologising all the time

Rolling her eyes and laughing, Kate apologised and confessed: “I got on her nerves.”

Do-gooder Kate almost caused a huge row on I’m A Celeb when she offered herself up for a trial – but hadn’t really wanted to.

It was over who would be sent to the jungle jailhouse on basic rations, with Jacqueline and Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle, 34,ruling themselves out first.

Kate was eventually picked to go and when Jacqueline asked her if she was OK with it, she replied: “I don’t know really is the truth of it. Someone’s got to go.”

Jacqueline said she didn’t want to go to the jungle jail
The stress got to the campmates including Nadine Coyle

Rugby star James Haskell insisted he would take Kate’s place but Caitlyn Jenner said: “We all agreed to draw (straws) out of the bag.

“Everybody quiet, let’s move on. No argument.”

But Ian Wright wouldn’t give up, and he asked James again if he would go for Kate, to which she screamed: “No. It’s a fair system.”

Kate had stopped James and Andrew from nominating themselves in a bid to be fair, but it prompted a row

But Jacqueline said: “This is just ridiculous … you shouldn’t have put your name in if you didn’t want to go.

“There are people who wanted to go. They were up for it.”

Alan Carrs Celebrity Re-Play is available to stream on the ITV Hub.


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