Kate Garraway horrifies Im A Celeb fans by calling private parts her nu-nu in Bushtucker Trial with Caitlyn Jenner


KATE Garraway horrified I’m A Celebrity fans by revealing she calls her private parts her “nu-nu”.

The Good Morning Britain presenter let slip creepy crawlies were trying to “get up her nu-nu” during the first Bushtucker Trial of the series with Caitlyn Jenner.

Kate Garraway felt creepy crawlies going up her shorts

The campmates were strapped on their backs in perspex cages 20 metres in the air which were filled with25 rats and 50,000 critters each.

Kate shouted: “I’m concentrating on surviving” as she tried to drop balls into a moving basket while they were bitten by the crickets, mealworms and cockroaches.

Suddenly, the creepy crawlies started to get a bit too over-friendly with Kate who screamed: “They’re going up my nu-nu.”

He added: “They’re in my knickers. It’s literally my nightmare. Why are they trying to creep down my pants?”

Ant and Dec watched on during the gruelling trial

Fans couldn’t stop laughing at the amount of times Kate used the word “nu-nu” and went on Twitter to share some hilarious memes.

One said: “I cannot stop laughing at Kate repeatedly referring to her nunu“I’VE GOT ONE IN MY NUNU BOB!” #Thatswhatshesaid #literally #ImACeleb.”

Another asked: “Kate calling her vagina a nunu… How old are you?”

Someone else said: “On behalf of women everywhere…..Kate babes, please stop saying NuNu… #ImACeleb #ImACelebrityGetMeOutOfHere.”

A fan added: “You know Kate garraway is gonna be voted for more trials after that, at least caitlyn jenner concentrated none of the ow ow ow ow ah nunu. Ah shutup #ImACeleb.”

Caitlyn Jenner got stick in with her first Bushtucker Trial of the series
Caitlyn Jenner managed to get two stars for camp

After successfully getting four stars for camp, Kate told Ant and Dec: “I’ve got them in my nu-nu.

“I was like ‘get out, there’s absolutely nothing for you there, get out’.”

In a twist, Ant and Dec phoned the Main Camp and told them that they could rescue either Kate or Caitlyn to move to Main Camp.

Kate was chosen by the campmates who thought Caitlyn would be able to handle Snake Rock better.

Caitlyn returned alone to Snake Rock where her fellow campmates put a brave face on the fact there were only two meals between the five of them.


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