Kimberley Walsh didnt click with Girls Alouds Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding


KIMBERLEY Walsh has admitted she “didn’t click” with her Girls Aloud bandmates Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding.

Yesterday the singer told how she broke down in tears while watching Nadine on I’m A Celebrity after realising “how much she cares”.

Kimberley Walsh has opened up about the Girls Aloud ‘rift’

But while they were touring the world as a five-piece girl band, Kimberley says there was a split in the group.

She told MailOnline: “Cheryl, Nicola and I… we were just very close. I just don’t click with the other girls.

“There is honestly no rift, we just didnt click in the same way with Nadine and Sarah that wed want to see each other every week.

“It was more that we were work friends.”

Nadine Coyle was a ‘work friend’ to Kimberley

Fans desperate for a Girls Aloud reunion will be disappointed as Kimberley yesterday revealed there were no plans to get the band back together.

She said: “That would be a lot nicer [than doing the jungle away from my children]. Who knows? You never say never.

“I’m sure the Spice Girls never thought they’d be reuniting after 20 years. You can’t say.”


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