Myles Stephenson insists he didnt cheat on Gabby Allen but says their split left him severely depressed


MYLES Stephenson has denied cheating on ex-girlfriend Gabby Allen, saying their split left him severely depressed.

The singer, 28, broke up with the ex-Love Island contestant, 27, earlier this year.

Myles Stephenson has shut down claims that he cheated on his ex girlfriend Gabby Allen

During his three-week stint in the jungle, she has claimed he had messaged as many as five girls behind her back.

But he insisted: I went through severe depression going through it, because I knew I messed up. I was back home at my mums house and we was on a break.

I messaged a girl stupidly. I shouldnt have messaged her. I got lost in my ways. Ive had to learn so quickly about this lifestyle it is frightening.

Scouser Gabby shared screenshots of the singer allegedly messaging a series of women during their 11 months together.

Myles, who was the sixth celeb to leave the jungle, says he ‘made a mistake’ by messaging another girl, but he insists he and Gabby were on a break at the time

The screenshots were all to one woman, his ex girlfriend Meghan Cresswell.

Myles said he only messaged her after he and Gabby had broken off contact and, once they started again, he stopped talking to Meghan.

The singer said: I moved back home when me and Gabby genuinely stopped speaking, because it got to the point where we use arguing too much.

“I said, Look, I want to move back home, I need to figure out what I want.

He says he was ‘heartbroken’ when his mum told him what had been said about him during his time in Oz

The singer also confesses their bad break-up left him ‘severely depressed’ as he knew he had messed up

And I messaged Meghan and Im not shying away whatsoever from my mistakes that I made in my life.

Myles said he was heartbroken it was the first thing his mum Vicky told him once he left the jungle and it spoiled what should have been her proudest moment.

He added: I made my mistake. But I admitted it before I came into the jungle. I was stupid. I was a fool. I was an idiot.


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