Caroline Flack sent worrying messages to pals and said she felt sad on night before her death says Nicola McLean


CAROLINE Flack told her pal Nicola McLean she felt sad just hours before she took her own life.

The model called Caroline after becoming concerned for her welfare on Friday night.

Nicola McLean has revealed she spoke to Caroline Flack shortly before she took her own life after she posted a series of worrying messages online

Nicola, 38, said how Caroline posted and sent a series of worrying messages to her close friends group on Instagram before she phoned her.

Nicola said: Caroline had made her Instagram to just her close friends and she posted something where I could tell she wasnt in a great way.

Shed been doing a lot better so Id felt like shed done really, really well.

Shed gone to Los Angeles shed done really well, seemingly a lot more positive.

'She was one of my favourite people in the industry. Down to earth, caring and so much fun'
The model said she called Caroline after becoming concerned for her welfare on Friday night

And that post I knewso I messaged her as anyone else would do and she was sad.

She was really sad and she told me she was sad. She was just sad.

Nicola became a close friend of Carolines after they were introduced by mutual pals.

The pair went on to work together on Im A Celebrity in 2008, when Nicola took part in the show and Caroline was a guest on the ITV2 spin off, a year before she took over as the host.

She made the comments on Dan Wootton’s talkRADIO Drive Time show

Nicola said she was devastated by Carolines death and took aim at ITV over their suspension of Caroline, following her assault charge.

Speaking to The Suns Executive Editor Dan Wootton on his talkRadio Drive Time show, Nicola said:

When she told me she was going to step down from love Island I said to her, Categorically do not do that, youve told me youve done nothing wrong, I believe you, you will be cleared. Fight this. And she had no choice.

Caroline took her life hours after being told the CPS were pursuing her assault charge

It was outrageous to force her hand. She shouldve been presenting that show.

Suspend her for what? She was not found guilty. She will never ever be found guilty.

I cant believe the way shes been hung out to dry.


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