Caroline Flacks manager shares video of her singing along to favourite song in emotional tribute


CAROLINE Flack’s manager has shared a video of her singing along to her favourite song in an emotional tribute.

Nathan Smith – who worked as Caroline’s media rep for the last for years – uploaded the clip of his pal mouthing the words to Rupert Holmes’ single Escape.

Caroline Flack singing in the mirror

Sitting in front of a huge vanity mirror, she’s smiling as the Pina Colada song plays.

Nathan laughs as she sings, causing Caroline to say: “You’re laughing!” before pointing at him.

In the background is her long-term pal makeup artist Gemma Wheatcroft, who had finished applying makeup.

Nathan spoke about the “huge hole” Caroline’s loss left in his heart.

She points at her friends as she sings
Escape was her favourite song

“She LOVED that song. It was the song played as she arrived at her 40th birthday last year too,” he told The Mirror.

We’d always play it in the dressing room and she loved it so much that it was the theme tune for her 40th. She absolutely loved it.”

Caroline was found dead at her London home on Saturday after taking her own life.

Two months before her death Caroline had been charged with assaulting boyfriend Lewis Burton, 27, at her then home in North London.

She was filmed by her media rep and friend Nathan

Caroline strongly denied the charge and her management team has slammed the CPS for pursuing the case despite Lewis saying he didn’t support the prosecution.

Caroline’s mum Chris said the Love Island star had been “surrounded by love” but ultimately the CPS show trial had been “too much for her”.

Speaking for the first time since her daughter’s tragic death on Saturday, Chris said Caroline was struggling with the “hurt of injustice”.

Describing an unpublished Instagram post released by her family today, her mum said: “It was describing how she was feeling and what she had gone through – no more than that. It was not blaming anyone or pointing any fingers.”

Caroline with her boyfriend Lewis Burton
The Brits paid tribute to her on Tuesday

She told theEastern Daily Press: “Carrie was surrounded by love and friends but this was just too much for her.

“Jody her twin sister was there her whole life for her but this time nothing could take away the hurt of such injustice. As Carrie would say: ‘In a nasty world just be kind’.”

In the post, Caroline wrote about the night she was arrested after allegedly assaulting boyfriend Lewis Burton.

She said: “Within 24 hours my whole world and future was swept from under my feet and all the walls that I had taken so long to build around me, collapsed.

“I have always taken responsibility for what happened that night. Even on the night. But the truth is… It was an accident.

“I am NOT a domestic abuser.”

Caroline added: “I can’t spend every day hidden away being told not to say or speak to anyone.

“I’m not thinking about ‘how I’m going to get my career back.’ I’m thinking about how I’m going to get mine and my family’s life back.”

Love Island paid tribute to the presenter when it returned to the air for the first time since her death on Monday.

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