Caroline Flacks neighbour slams ex-Love Island host over extremley selfish 5am parties and noisy arguments


TELLY star Caroline Flack made a neighbour’s life a mistery by partying and having noisy arguments all night long.

Games designer Jake Scott, 28, had regular run-ins with the TV star who he dubbed a “neighbour from hell” while she was dating ex Andrew Brady.

Games designer Jake Scott, 28, had regular run-ins with the TV star while she was dating ex Andrew Brady

And during one bust up Caroline even sent her mum to smooth things over with Jake because she couldn’t face apologising in person.

Jake lived in a one bedroom flat above Caroline’s place in Islington, north London for a year until he moved out earlier this month.

He said:” All I was asking from her is to be a little more reasonable and show some consideration for us as the house was terrible.

“We would regularly hear her arguing with Andrew and then she would have parties at gone midnight until 5am during the week when we had to get up for work.

Caroline has been charged with assault and appeared in court on December 23

“One time I had just had my wisdom teeth out and she stared playing really loud music in the early hours and it was throbbing right under our bed.

“I texted her and told her about my teeth and said could she keep it down and she replied saying she had wasn’t going to live her life by my teeth.

“All we were after was a bit of quiet and she then hit back saying we were noisy in the morning when she was trying to sleep which is a joke as that’s because we were getting ready for work.

“I just don’t think she has any concept of how other people live and she is extremely selfish. I can understand why Andrew, who was a decent enough guy, moved to Australia.

Caroline has been accused of hitting boyfriend Lewis Burton over the head with a lamp
Neighbour Jake Scott says he had regular run-ins with the TV star while she was dating ex Andrew Brady

“She never apologised in person and one time she even sent her mum up to ask us to stop texting her about the noise. She was a grown woman getting her mum to do her dirty work.”

In July Caroline even admitted she was a terrible neighbour in an interview with glossy monthly Cosmopolitan and poked fun at Jake without naming him.

When asked if she would prefer a “dancefloor or cosy corner” Caroline said:”Dancefloor always right until the very end.

“We all go back to my place after a night out and put music on usually musical theatre and dance around the lounge until the neighbour complains.

“Then we switch to ballads and do kaoroke until he complains again and then everyone goes home.”

Jake said:” That was quite clearly a dig at us and completely unnecessary. Who does she think she is ?”


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