Curtis forced to beg Maura for forgiveness after Love Island stars boozy row at NTAs


CURTIS Pritchard was forced to beg Maura Higgins for forgiveness after their boozy row at the NTAs on Tuesday.

The Sun Online revealed the couple were kept apart by pals after Maura, 29, became angered by Curtis excessive drinking.

Curtis forced to beg Maura for forgiveness after Love Island stars boozy row at NTAs

The Irish beauty was left “sobbing in a corner” after he shouted at her during the fallout – and her 23-year-old boyfriend has been in the doghouse ever since.

A source said: “Maura has had enough of Curtis’s partying – the NTAS was totally unlike him and she wants him to reign it in.

“He spent all yesterday apologising, he’s totally humiliated. He begged her to forgive him and he’s talked her around saying it won’t happen again.

“Maura wants them to be a team but won’t be embarrassed by him.”

Maura had words with her boyfriend after his boozy behaviour at the NTAs

A source close to Curtis confirmed they were together last night, and said he “had nothing to apologise for”.

Minders were seen trying to escort Curtis out of the after party on Tuesday but he refused to leave and was pictured downing glasses of white wine with other reality stars.

The pro dancer also appeared unable to stand without support and when he went outside to the smoking area didnt see Maura because he was too intoxicated.

An onlooker said: Things were clearly very frosty between them. Curtis seemed to be so drunk he had no idea Maura was just meters away from him.”

The couple met on Love Island in 2019

The pair have been dogged by split rumours since leaving the Love Island villa last year – yet insist they’re fine.

Maura said on Loose Women earlier this month: “I think the both of us support one another and don’t see each other a much as we hoped.

“Were busy and because we’re in the same line of work we understand it. When we see each other it’s amazing.”

She also claimed the ballroom dancer still gave her “the flutters”.


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