Dr Alex George trademarks famous saying ‘oh hell’ as he plans to cash in on Love Island catchphrase


LOVE Island’s Dr Alex George is trademarking his famous catchphrase from the show.

The NHS doctor, 27, regularly said “oh hell” in the villa when he was excited and now he’s planning to cash in on his fame from the popular ITV reality show.

Alex has decided to earn a little more cash by trademarking the saying

During his stint in the villa, Alex became known for the saying and even began using it when he returned to the UK on social media.

He has now registered the phrase under several classifications – including art cards, calendars, clothes and fruit juices.

The reality star has also trademarked the name Dr Alex, suggesting that he will continue offering medical advice to fans on TV and through his social media platforms.

After failing to find love in the villa two years ago, the frontline worker returned to his duties as a doctor in A&E.

The doctor failed to find love on the fourth series of Love Island

During his time on the show he was coupled up with fitness fanatic Alexandra Cane

Alex is proud of his job and the fact that he appeared on the popular ITV show

Since then he has balanced his career between his new path of reality TV, whilst keeping in touch with his passion of medicine.

He has appeared on Lorraine and other daytime shows numerous times to give out medical advice and uses his Instagram Stories to help those in need.

And since the death of his younger brother Llŷr, Alex admitted that it sparked a fire in him to help tackle the mental health crisis.

Alex told fans he was heading back to London to “reflect, rebuild and grow” two weeks after losing 20-year-old Llŷr to mental health.

The A&E doctor recently spoke to Lorraine about the loss of his younger brother

He wants to use his platform to speak out about mental health to help others

He told his followers: “There is no doubt that my life changed immeasurably two weeks ago.

“We are thrown into the deep end at times, however, with family and friends we can overcome even the most seemingly insurmountable challenges.

“It is now time for me to head back to London, to reflect, rebuild and grow. I already have a fire in me, things I want to tackle and change, especially when it comes to mental health.

“For now I just want to say thank you to all of you who have supported me. The kindness has been truly overwhelming.

“Please know it has helped me no end and continues to get me through each day. Thank you.”



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