Furious Molly-Mae demands Tommy Fury stop talking about flirting with BFF Maura as he says it ‘took willpower’ to resist


FURIOUS Molly-Mae Hague demanded Tommy Fury stop talking about flirting with her BFF Maura Higgins as he says it “took willpower” to resist.

The reality star couple, both 21, appeared on the catch-up show, Love Island: What Happened Next.

Molly told her boyfriend to stop speaking

Molly and Tommy were shown a montage of the time Maura – who is now their BFF – cracked onto the boxer.

In the first clip, the Irish bombshell says she wants to “tongue” Tommy, before suggesting they play under the sheets.

Tommy was proud of himself for not joining in despite being with Molly at that point, saying: “See, that’s good willpower right there. You know what I’m saying though, you get me?”

Molly then snapped at her boyfriend: “Stop talking now Tommy because you’re annoying me.”

Maura in bed with Tommy
Molly seductively sucking on a lollipop

Another clip shows Maura suggestively sucking on an ice lolly while looking Tommy in the eye – and as her mate was next to her.

Molly said: “I was right there as well. She was really giving it her all, wasn’t she? She really wanted you.”

Tommy, still playing with fire, said: “In some way, shape or form you’ve got to give her credit.”

Molly then said: “She did try, she went to all extremes like deep throating a lollipop and all that good stuff. Kudos Maura.”

Tommy rejected Maura in the end

She later confirmed Tommy wasn’t in the doghouse.

Last night, Molly and Tommy cuddled up in bed to watch the ITV2 special.

Afterwards the couple filmed themselves giggling together, clearly over the drama.

Molly joked: “When you’re made to watch your best mate and man crack on!”

Molly said he wasn’t in the doghouse

Last summer Maura was the subject of nearly 500 complaints to telly watchdog Ofcom after she straddled Tommy and tried to kiss him.

A staggering 486 viewers objected to her “predatory” behaviour, which saw many calling for her to be removed for “sexually harassing” the boxer.


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