Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway sets newly single co-host Alex Beresford up with Love Island’s Amy Hart


GOOD Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway set her newly-single co-host Alex Beresford up with Love Island’s Amy Hart in today’s show.

The 39-year-old star looked sheepish as Kate quizzed him on whether he was on dating app Tinder after it was revealed that someone was catfishing fans with a fake account using the weatherman’s photos.

Kate played matchmaker in today’s episode of the breakfast show

When Alex confirmed that he wasn’t on any of the apps, Kate revealed that 27-year-old Amy had called him her number one crush.

She told her co-star: “You’re already very popular, Alex – and Amy Hart, absolutely gorgeous girl, came forward to say you are her favourite crush.”

Alex replied: “Apparently she followed me on Instagram a few days ago and she’s upset that I didn’t follow her back, so maybe I’ll go on Instagram right now…”

Playing matchmaker, Kate gushed: “So Amy, if you’re watching, he’s going to get in touch – that’s exciting!”

Amy called Alex her ‘favourite crush’

Alex was shocked by his co-host’s actions

However, Alex seemed taken aback – and went on to accidentally make a rude innuendo as he argued: “Am I? I said that I was going to follow her, I didn’t say I was going to slide in, Kate!”

Kate corrected: “You weren’t going to slide into the DMs?”

Alex flushed red as he apologised for the rude reference, with Kate continuing: “Oh hello – it’s all getting very exciting, I’m getting all hot and bothered!”

The weatherman accidentally made a cheeky innuendo

Alex revealed that he had secretly split from his wife Natalia back in June, admitting that he felt “really lonely” after the break-up in an interview for the Britain Get Talking podcast.

In the chat, the star spoke to newsreader Kylie Pentelow, who asked if he was looking for love.

The GMB favourite replied: “It’s been a massive learning curve, I didn’t think at the age of 20 that when I was approaching 40, I would be in this situation.

“The age of 40, you’ll be married, you’ll be a grown up, you’ll have a kid or two, your life is going to be set. I’m not old, I don’t feel old, it’s a bit daunting.

Alex split from wife Natalia last year

“But we’ve been in lockdown, so even if I wanted to go on a date, I couldn’t go on a date.

“I don’t want to grow old on my own, life is for sharing and it’d be great to meet someone in the future but they have to be right for me, right for Cruz.”

Alex and Natalia share 10-year-old Cruz, and Alex was left facing further heartache when he was unable to see his son for two weeks when his ex developed coronavirus symptoms.

He also praised the friends who have supported him through the split, revealing that they had desperately tried to make things work with his wife before they ultimately decided to “part ways” last year.

The pair have a son together

However, they carried on living together for months after the decision was made.

Explaining that he and Natalia had been together for “a long time”, Alex continued: “I’ve realised how strong I am, but I am only strong because of the people I have behind me.

“As we kind of moved into the summer, myself and Natalia decided we were going to part ways, which, you know me – I’m not a quitter, and I hate quitting things.

“We tried to work through things, but at some point you realise the best thing to do for everybody is walk away, but walking away is never easy.”

Alex admitted he’d been ‘lonely’ in lockdown

He shared: “We were in the same house up until the beginning of this year, knowing that we were parting ways, it takes a while to figure things out. One thing I didn’t want to do is rush things.

“By being in that house, knowing we weren’t together, we started to get on better – it removed a lot of the stress and expectation that a relationship can bring.

“It was so much to manage, we are only human and have feelings and emotions.

“The important thing is to open up and talk to someone about what you’re going through.”


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