I want 10 kids after spending £14k freezing my eggs but I’m getting second boob job first, says Love Island’s Amy Hart


LOVE Island’s Amy Hart has revealed she wants 10 kids after spending £14k on freezing her eggs, but wants a second boob job first.

The 29-year-old has started the fertility treatment process again after finding out her AMH level (fertility span) was “quite low”.

Love Island’s Amy Hart has revealed she wants 10 kids after spending £14k freezing my eggs – and also wants a boob job
Amy shot to fame on Love Island in 2019

Amy, who has already put five eggs away, will start it all again next week.

She’s already spent £10k on freezing her eggs, and because of her new medication, the total cost has totalled to £14k.

When asked how many children she’d like, Amy told HOAR Online: “I’d like ten, but I think that boat has passed now, so I’d be really happy with two.

“So whether that’s birth children and adopted children – or whatever, I’d open to lots of different ideas.”

Amy does have other plans with her body as she’d like to go under the knife again.

She added: “I had a boob job when I was 20. They’re old now – they need redoing.”

It was first revealed that Amy was going to freeze her eggs so that she can have a baby with her gay best friend back in December 2019.

The reality star explained it is “really, really important” to her to have kids, and if she hasn’t met someone by the time she is 35, she will do it alone.

A month later she explained during an appearance on Loose Women that she was doing so in March after being told her fertility window was low.

After two unsuccessful rounds, the reality star revealed her third batch of eggs were successfully frozen by doctors in March the following year.

Although she has been open about her worry of not finding someone to settle down with, things are definitely going well between her and boyfriend Sam Rason.

The pair have been dating since August 2021 and regularly share loved-up snaps together on social media.

Amy shot to fame on the fifth season of Love Island in 2019.

The former air steward left the villa after splitting up with her “half-boyfriend” dancer Curtis Pritchard.

Amy has already successfully frozen five of her eggs

Amy pictured with her boyfriend Sam

She was coupled up with Curtis Pritchard in the villa from day two, until she walked


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