I was on Love Island and you rehearse recoupling speeches with producers but it’s never shown, says Shaughna Phillips


LOVE Island star Shaughna Phillips have revealed the Islanders practise their recoupling speeches with producers before filming.

The 26-year-old, who starred in Winter Love Island in 2020, admitted the whole process takes hours as she lifted the lid on what life in the villa is really like.

Shaughna has revealed they practise their recoupling speeches
The star was with Callum before he strayed in Casa Amor

Asked if it takes a while to shoot, Shaughna explained: “Hours. Hours. You don’t normally have to re-do… if it’s something very dramatic, then obviously they can’t really redo that.

“But when you’re doing, like, the ‘I would like to couple up with this person because…’ you do that in three sections. So you say that, and then you have a big pause, then you say the next bit, pause.”

Chatting on the Should I Delete That podcast, Shaughna continued:  “You kind of go over it with a producer before, that night.

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“So like during dinner time you kind of talk through it. It’s really produced. They kind of ask you to go for chats and certain things. It’s a TV show, so I get it.”

During the explosive podcast, Shaughna  also said she believes the heart rate monitor results were “fixed” to suit the storyline.

She had famously been ditched by Callum Jones for model Molly Smith during Casa Amor.

“I think it was set up. In the competition it said mine went up for Callum, and obviously it would’ve been a greater storyline that mine went for Callum and Callum’s didn’t go [up] for me, but I don’t think mine went for him. I’m sure mine went for someone else,” Shaughna said.

“Even though I know, or I think it wasn’t true, the nation’s then watching me looking like a t**t. I just felt like a donut.” 

Shaughna has now lifted the lid on life in the villa