Inside Love Island Australia star Erin Barnett’s incredible all-white home with cute dogs and huge map of the world


LOVE Island star Erin Barnett has been dealing with quarantine during the coronavirus lockdown in her incredible, all-white home.

The reality star lives in Melbourne, Australia, and was one of the breakout stars of the first season of Love Island Australia.

Reality star Erin lounges on her bed

Erin coupled up with Eden Daly on day one.

Erin is now living her best life in the Australian city, where she has kept her walls and floor simple with white paint, but decorated with splashes of colour and foliage to bring fun to the property.

The star has her own studio for make-up videos, a stunning ivy-filled wall indoors, and plenty of natural light for taking those all-important selfies.

Erin took her newfound fame and went on to grow her YouTube platform, where she shares videos about her life including tutorials.

The 25-year-old’s studio has an ivy-filled walk

Her make-up collection is vast

The rest of the house has been kept simple

Foliage is scattered around the home

Erin found fame on Love Island Australia 2018

Her studio features a large ring light, perfect for showing off her best looks, a lighted wall mirror, and several desks which she uses for storage and creating videos.

Plants fill Erin home, and in other pictures, they can be seen creating gorgeous moments in the corner of her rooms or behind her large bedroom TV.

Her room has been kept simple – perfect for getting a good night’s sleep – but she has a unique map of the world positioned above her headboard.

Pink velvet throw cushions are scattered across her bed, while the room keeps a traditional wooden vibe with matching furniture.

Her room is mostly muted hues

And the 25-year-old takes a lot of selfies there

Erin coupled up with Eden on day one

Since hitting fame when Love Island Australia originally aired in 2018, Erin, 25, has appeared on the Aussie versions of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! and Beauty and The Geek.

She worked as a qualified nurse before going on the show, where she revealed she was looking for a “man with muscles”.

She said: “I want to find love but I bet I don’t as all the guys will be so hot, I’ll just want to make out with every single one of them.”

Love Island Australia is currently airing on ITV2 every night. Series one of Love Island Australia first aired in 2018, however, as the UK Love Island has been cancelled for the summer of 2020, the Aussie version is being aired in its place.


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