Inside Love Island Liam Reardon’s strict beauty regime including getting his eyebrows waxed every FORTNIGHT


LOVE Island hunk Liam Reardon has such a strict beauty regime that he gets his eyebrows waxed and shaped EVERY FORTNIGHT.

The Welsh brickie pops in to the beauty salon in his home town of Merthyr Tydfil twice a month for the £4.50 treatment.

Liam’s brows have been kept in top condition by a beauty salon in his home town
Beauty salon owner Jane O’Shea (centre) with her beauticians Abigail Williams, 29 (left) and Chloe Morris, 20 (right), who all wax and shape Liam’s eyebrows
Liam has been showing off his tanned and toned physique while on the show

But at 6ft 6in tall, the strapping star is too tall for the beds at The Beauty Box, says salon owner Jane O’Shea.

Staff have to pull the bed away from the wall so he can stretch out while the beauticians set about his dark brown eyebrows.

Jane, 53, who has known Liam “since he was a kid”, said she and her colleagues always look forward to his visits.

She said: “To be honest, we all fancy him rotten. He’s a beautiful man and none of us can take our eyes off him when he comes in.”

Hunky Liam has made sure that he is keeping himself toned and tanned in the villa, working out daily with weights.

The boys in the villa have all seemed well groomed and are keeping themselves trimmed – taking regular dips in the pool to get their cardio in.

The Welshman has been caught in a love triangle between Millie Court and Casa Amor’s Lillie Haynes.

Pretty trainee accountant Lillie, 22, finally locked lips with Liam last night as she tries to win her place in the main villa.

Liam and Millie were one of the strongest couples in the villa – but beautiful blonde Lillie has proven to be a massive test for the Welshman.

Jane added: “The show seems to be setting him up as a ladies’ man, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“He’s not a player at all. He’s not the kind of lad you see with a different woman on his arm every night.

“In fact he’s only ever had one serious girlfriend.”


Jane said Liam is “loved by everyone” in his hometown adding: “I guarantee you won’t find anyone round here with a bad word to say about him. He’s an absolute gent.

“Love Island is trying to make him out to be some kind of a player but that is just not him. I’m convinced he only said he was Mr Steal Your Girl as some kind of demonstration of Welsh humour.

“He is just not like that and I’ve known him since before he could walk and talk. He’s a lovely boy.”

She said Liam always tips “two or three quid” on top of his £4.50 eyebrows charge.

When he last nipped in to the salon to have his eyebrows done, rumours were swirling in the town that he was a Love Island contestant but he insisted he was not going on the show.

Jane said: “We asked him and he denied it, but we could tell he was lying. He had a smile on his face. A few days later he was gone and next thing he’s on the television.

“Me and the girls are firmly on Team Millie. We think they make a great couple.”

It comes as Liam’s sister, hairdresser Niamh, explained that he has been receiving death threats because he has been cracking on with Lillie.

The Welsh lad has been tempted away by the pretty 22-year-old – and has even admitted to wanting to kiss her. 

Sleeping in bed with her and getting closer by the hour, viewers have furiously lashed out at him on his Instagram, despite him not being able to see it. 

Tonight will be an explosive showdown if he picks blonde Geordie Lillie over his “Millie Moo” in a dramatic recoupling that is set to see six islanders axed.

A man shows off the salons eyebrow plucking skills

The Welsh brickie has found himself in hot water after cracking on with bombshell Lillie

The Hair Port salon in Liam’s home town where he gets his eyebrows waxed every two week

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