Inside Love Island star Connor Durmans luxury Essex home with sleek kitchen and exposed brick walls


LOVE Island star Connor Durman may have caused a stir on the show, but there isn’t a cushion out of place in his very plush and tidy Essex home.

The coffee beans salesman, 25, resides in an extravagant pad with lots of glamorous furnishings, including exposed brick walls and a sleek kitchen.

Love Island star Connor Durman lives in a luxury Essex home, with exposed brick walls

And the living room is also super stylish with stone floors, a very decadent coffee table and rug that gives the room a cosy finish.

Extra touches around the house include a vintage style mirror, a gold globe, and white immaculate white doors and skirting boards.

On sunny days, Connor has revealed on Instagram that he likes to relax outdoors with his cute nephew on the family’s garden sofas.

A conservatory space shows the star has a roman numeral clock on the wall, as he promotes his coffee beans.

His sleek kitchen includes mirror finished cupboards and wood floors
Connor’s home has sleek finishings, including stone slab floors
Connor with his adorable nephew

Connor moved back home after four years of living in Australia and working as a naked butler.

He set up his coffee bean business when he landed back in Brighton, having previously worked as a cheeky naked waiter in Sydney.

He says during his time in Australia he grew up, adding: “[I did] everything myself, Ive got so many new and different life experiences.

“Ive had two big relationships, one good, one bad. I think Ive gone through a lot.

“Im mature now and I know what I want”.

A conservatory space shows the star with his pals, and the roman numeral clock on the wall
Connor is a coffee beans salesman and set up his own business when he arrived home from Australia
Connor Durman has joined Love Island after living in Sydney for four years

But Love Island fans begged to differ, and claimed he was “controlling” last week over Sophie Piper, even comparing him to stalker Joe Goldberg from Netflix drama You.

In the show, Joe formed murderous obsessions over women.

And the comparisons came in full force during the truth game last night – with producers cutting to Connor glaring at welsh model Connagh and Sophie Piper every time they answered a question.

Fans accused Connor of being like Joe from Netflix drama You

Connor was furious when Connagh stole Sophie during the show’s first dramatic dumping.

He labelled Connagh “snakey” – but fans were getting increasingly alarmed by his possessive behaviour.

He also kicked off at Sophie for celebrating the arrival of two new bombshells – before apologising.

Same energy #loveisland

— A Very Angry White Girl (@jnoahmorgan) January 19, 2020


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