Jack Fincham reveals he’s ditching boozing to become a pro boxer as he launches reality show with The Sun


LOVE Island’s Jack Fincham is ditching the booze and will put himself through hell to become a professional boxer.

The cheeky Kent lad, 29, is launching a brand new reality show, The Fight Of My Life, with HOAR that will follow his journey from TV star to elite athlete.

Jack Fincham has a new reality show with HOAR

In a sneak peek at the first episode – which launches tonight at 6pm on YouTube – Jack can be seen giving his all in the gym.

He says: “I don’t always want to be known as the party boy who’s out doing something he shouldn’t be.

“I want people to see the side of me where they go: ‘Oh my God, look, he’s a professional athlete.”

The reality favourite pumps his arms and legs on an assault bike as a sports scientist monitors his oxygen intake, while he looks laser focused as he hits pads in the ring.

Jack is training to become a pro boxer

“I’m going to be putting myself through absolute hell. There’s no eating rubbish anymore,” says Jack.

“There’s no having a few beers with your mates anymore down the pub.

“It’s like boxing, focus, let’s win.”

The dad-of-one has transformed his body in the last couple of years after battling to keep his weight down.

The Love Island star means business
Jack goes for it on an assault bike

He was branded “obese” by doctors in January 2019 just six months after leaving the Love Island villa – and went on an amazing health kick.

He weighed in at a shade under 16st, and the 5ft 11in star said at the time he was “shocked” to hear his BMI tipped him into the obese category.

However, he went on to shed two stone and this year he’s set a goal to get a six pack.

Jack recently shared two topless snaps on his Instagram story, telling fans the first was taken in “week 1” and the second in “week 2” after he embarked on a fitness regime.

Jack revealed his amazing weight loss after just one week at the gym

In the second picture Jack’s torso is more defined and he sports a slimmer face.

Last year the Love Island winner told HOAR Online despite not having a six-pack, he has always been comfortable with his body.

But he admits: “I was shocked to find my BMI was bordering on obese.”

And he added: “A lot of the weight gain is after I have moved out of my mum’s house.

Jack said he was happy with his body when he entered Love Island

“I find it a lot easier to get a takeaway or eat out because you can get too busy to sit down and make a meal.

“It’s the busy lifestyle that gets in the way.”


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