Loose Womens Jane Moore begs people not to point the finger of blame after Caroline Flacks death


LOOSE Women’s Jane Moore has urged people to not to “point the finger of blame” in the aftermath of Caroline Flack’s suicide.

The 52-year-old Sun columnist told viewers today: “It’s a very difficult conversation to have when someone has taken their own life.

Jane Moore told the Loose Women panel is was ‘unwise’ to point the ‘finger of blame’

“It’s a very complex issue. All my journalistic career I have taken the view that I wait to see what the full story is until I come out of the traps.

“Of course, we are now in the age of social media where everyone has an opinion.

“So what we’ve been seeing over the last couple of days is: ‘It’s the media’s fault, it’s the CPS’s fault, it was something to do with ITV.’

“Pointing the finger of blame, I think, is a very unnecessary and unwise thing to do in the aftermath of such a tragic story.”

The Loose Women panel spoke about Caroline Flack tragic death on today’s show

Former Love Island host Caroline took her own life on Saturday

She said the 40-year-old presenter’s suicide was ‘very complex’

Caroline was due to stand trial accused of assault, a charge which caused her to pull out of hosting the first winter series of Love Island shortly before it went on air in January.

Jane added: “There are a lot of restrictions on the media. There’s legislation – things you can and can’t do.

“For example, with Caroline, it was an active court case so there were things that as the mainstream media you instantly can’t write something because you might affect the outcome of the court case.

“That doesn’t happen in social media. Social media is like the Wild West… We need to make a distinction, we need to not get into the blame game here.”

Caroline presented the revamped Love Island until this series

She won Strictly Come Dancing with Pasha Kovalev in 2014

Speaking about Caroline, she added: “Her family have not criticised the media. A lot of people are criticising the media who have their own agenda against the media.”

Jane also spoke up for the Crown Prosecution Service, who have come in for heavy criticism for pursuing the case.

She said: “All people are equal in the eyes of the law… If they [the CPS] had dropped it, they might have turned round and said: ‘You’re only dropping it because that person is on television.’”

Many viewers agreed, with one writing: “I think Jane talks absolute sense re the tragic death of Caroline Flack.”

Caroline fronting The X Factor with Olly Murs in 2015

She has fronted the revamped Love Island since it returned in 2015

Another wrote: “Thought Jane gave the view from the other side, in an articulate way. Takes some balls.”

Caroline wasfound dead aged 40 after taking her own life at her flat in Stoke Newington, North London, on Saturday.

Friend Lou Teasdale, 36, had stayed with her overnight before leaving to go to the shops at around 9.30am. Caroline’s body was found a short time later.


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