Love Island Australia fans in hysterics as Justin says he was a Kangatarian – while bragging about being an animal lover


LOVE Island Australia fans were in hysterics tonight as Justin revealed he was a Kangatarian – while bragging about being an animal lover.

The 28-year-old model was flirting with his partner Millie when he spoke out about his diet choices.

Justin revealed he used to be a Kangatarian

“I used to be a Kangatarian,” he explained.

“I used to only eat kangaroo and fish, because kangaroos aren’t farmed.”

He had been trying to impress animal activist Millie who said she was a pescatarian.

A kangatarian describes a person who is vegetarian- but also eats kangaroo meat.

He was flirting with partner Millie in the first show of the series

The couple were getting to know each other better

It was hailed as a new diet fab in 2010, as Aussies turned into “semi-vegetarians”.

Dietitian Dr Kate Marsh told the Sydney Morning Herald: “Nutritionally, kangaroo is very lean and is still a good source of protein and iron.”

One viewer joked: “We need a section in Morrisons. #LoveIslandAUS.”

Another added: “WTF IS A KANGATARIAN #LoveIslandAUS.”

Someone else asked: “Is a thing wtf?”

Prior to joining Love Island, the handsome brunette was working on his TV presenting skills.

Justin, 28, also spent some time in New York working on his modelling career.


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