Love Island Australia fans turn on Shelby for doing sex positions with Dom hours after dumping ex Jaxon from the villa


LOVE Island Australia fans tonight turned on Shelby for doing sex positions with Dom just hours after dumping her ex Jaxon from the villa.

Singleton Shelby hosted a Karma Sutra challenge and asked Islanders to act out the Arc de Triomphe position.

Dom and Shelby acted out a sex position in front of the islanders

But when the stars confessed they had “no idea” what it was, it was down to Shelby to choose who to act the move out with.

She chose Dom to demonstrate with and promptly sat on top of him and then bent backwards.

“Why wouldn’t you be stoked when a girl jumps on top of you?” said Dom cheekily.

Erin said: “I picked up on a little vibe going on between Shelby and Dom. After the Karma Sutra moves you don’t know what can happen here…”

Dom looked thrilled when Shelby picked him
It happened hours after Shelby chose to send Jaxon home – despite being in a couple with him

She looked like she had eyes for Dom

One said: “Jaxon has literally JUST left the villa and Shelby is all over Dom!”

Another added: “Gone right off Shelby now. She blatantly got rid of Jaxon so she could crack on with Dullard Dom.”

A fan added: “Looks more & more like Shelby just used Jaxon to stay there.”

It was a light-hearted end to a dramatic episode that saw the girls forced to choose Jaxon to send home and the imminent arrival of two new boys.

The girls were whisked away for a day of pampering but a shock text revealed they must choose one of the boys to leave the island for good. 

The girls break the news to the bemused boys

The girls were stunned to find out what they had to do

After returning to inform the stunned boys, Tayla broke the news it was Jaxon who would be packing his bags.

It’s the second dumping this week as petite brunette Françoise Draschler was ditched after the boys had to recouple. 

The recoupling had been playing on the mind of Francoise, who suspected her time on the island could be coming to an end.


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