Love Island Australia spoilers: The girls are forced to kick one boy off the island as two more arrive in the villa


LOVE Island is set to say goodbye to one of the boys tonight as the girls must decide who stays and who leaves the villa as two new hunks arrive. 

The girls are whisked away for a day of pampering but are shocked when they receive texts informing them they must choose one of the boys to leave the island for good. 

The girls break the news to the bemused boys

In a teaser for tonight’s episode of Love Island the boys are seen all sitting around the firepit as the girls stand and sombrely tell them they have been tasked with making a very important decision. 

Tayla begins by telling the boys that they’d all had a lovely day together but were surprised to get a text telling them that two new boys were entering the villa.

Their surprise turned to shock as they got another text to say that they must pick one of the boys to leave the villa. 

The girls were stunned to find out what they had to do

All the boys are stunned with many looking very worried – Jaxon in particular holds his head in his hands as he thinks about who the girls will choose. 

It’ll be the second dumping this week as petite brunette Françoise Draschler was ditched after the boys had to recouple. 

The recoupling had been playing on the mind of Francoise, who suspected her time on the island could be coming to an end.

Tensions were running high in the villa

Speaking in the Beach Hut, she said: “I feel like Mac and I are the ones in a grey zone because I feel like Teddy is the one with the power to recouple. We shall see.”

Tensions were high as the group gathered around the fire pit and presenter Sophie made her dramatic entrance.

She announced: “There are seven girls and six boys. Those numbers need to be evened up. The equation is pretty simple, if all the couples stick together then Mac will go home tonight.”


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