Love Island Australia’s Erin accused ‘aggressive’ Eden of being abusive and ‘trying to kill them both’


LOVE Island Australia was rocked by shock domestic abuse claims when Erin accused “agressive” Eden of being abusive towards her and “trying to kill them both”.

The pair were runner-ups in the 2018 series of the reality show, which aired in the UK this summer instead of a new British version.

Eden and Erin finished the 2018 series in second place

Tonight, fans rejoiced as Grant and Tayla beat Eden and Erin to winning the show – with the latter convinced they’d take home the prize money.

Their relationship began to fall apart shortly after leaving the villa, with Erin going on to make a series of allegations about her partner being abusive – which Eden vehemently denied.

The blonde beauty claimed the red flags started on the night of the finale, where their Love Island chaperone had to get between them when Eden became aggressive.

Appearing on an Australian radio show after the break-up, Eden claimed “distance” and false cheating allegations were to blame for the split.

The final aired in the UK tonight

Furious Erin ended up calling into the same programme, raging: “He’s a liar and the fact that he has gone to the radio and has said lies blows my mind because he knows that I’ve got evidence and if he wants me to come out and full show everyone than I will do that.

“The real reason we broke up is because Eden has violent tendencies and he got very aggressive to me the day after we finished Love Island in Spain and there is someone else who can vouch for me for this, I’m not going to name and shame them.

“He got very very up in my face violent and when we came back I was in Sydney and he got very aggressive in the car and I said I didn’t want to be with him and he tried to kill us both in the car swerving side to side all out of lanes into other cars.”

Erin continued: “He cheated on me on the 7th of August just FYI… So he cheated on me with some strippers on the 7th of August.”

Erin released a YouTube video accusing Eden of abuse

She later released a YouTube video alleging three specific incidents in more detail.

The reality star said in the video: “Eden and I got driven to a villa where we had to stay with a chaperone the day before we came back to Australia. And on that night we were having a couple of drinks — I didn’t really want to drink that much, because we had to get on a plane early in the morning.

“Eden did his own thing, ended up having about two bottles of wine and a whole lot of Jack Daniels and Coke. I just wanted to go to bed, and Eden didn’t, and that caused an argument.

“I had taken a sleeping tablet to try and get to sleep quicker and that made Eden very angry that I just wanted to go to sleep.

Eden and Erin had a whirlwind romance in the Love Island villa

“Things just escalated really quickly, Eden got very in my face, was yelling, was throwing things. Our chaperone had to get in-between us, mind you, I was still laying in bed.

“Eden was just going off and off and off, really scaring me. The chaperone had to come in and get him away from me twice, because he kept barging into the room.

“I was crying, I was hysterical, I was shaking, I was shocked that this was happening. Kind of grateful that someone else was in the villa with us so they could help me. God forbid I was on my own, I don’t know what I would have done.”

Recounting a second worrying encounter, Erin claimed: “When I was in Sydney we were driving to lunch and we were arguing, so we didn’t make it to the restaurant, so then we were driving back to his mum’s house and I said to Eden: ‘I no longer want to be with you. I can’t keep doing this.’

Erin said that she was ‘scared’ of her boyfriend

“Eden got very angry and said: ‘Well if you don’t want to be with me, then I’ll kill us both.’

“He swerved the car from side-to-side and that was the most frightening moment of my life. When you looked at him, the face he had was pure rage.”

Erin continued: “The last incident happened when Eden was previously down in Melbourne with me and, again, we were in bed and I wanted to go to sleep and Eden didn’t. And Eden was drinking.

“And just getting more angry, and more angry, and more angry… He was pulling the blankets off me, just tormenting me, just constantly tormenting me.

They split up just weeks after the show’s finale

“At this point, I’m scared of Eden. That’s why I preferred for Eden to stay with me and my mum instead of staying at a hotel in the city, because I’m afraid to be alone with him.

“Things got worse, he got more angry and more angry. He then decided to pop some Valium and drink some Jack Daniels and Coke. I don’t understand this so just picture this happening while I’m home alone with his man, who is going absolutely ape sh*t, knowing what he’s done in the past. Fearing.

“Every time I grabbed my phone to try and call someone for help, Eden would snatch the phone out of my hand.

“I started crying and screaming saying: ‘GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!’ He was getting right up in my face, pushing my head with his head, trying to intimidate me.

Eden denied Erin’s claims

“I was like: ‘Oh my God, this is the moment it’s going to happen, he’s actually going to hit me’.”

Eden denied Erin’s claims in a statement, where he opened up about mental health issues.

He wrote: “While I won’t go into detail about each false claim, I would like to say that the aggressive, threatening, and angry person Erin’s painted me as is not a true reflection of who I am.

Eden and Erin coupled up in week one of the show

“I’m a fun-loving, light-hearted guy who cares deeply about and would do anything for his family and friends. While I do believe Erin and I bring out the worst in one another, I would never dream of using her personal struggles against her to boost my public image or gain followers.

“I have never been abusive nor have I ever laid hands on Erin in an aggressive nature. I never tried to kill Erin or myself in my car as she claims.

“I struggle with emotions and I am one of thousands of Aussie men who battle with anxiety and depression.

The series was eventually won by Grant and Tayla – who had their own scandal

“Erin has exposed aspects of my inner demons without giving the whole story and the scrutiny and hate I’ve received through social media and day-to-day life has taken its toll on my relationships, employment, and mental health.

“I regret the ugly way this has played out in the media and I am devastated that our fairy-tale romance had such a heartbreaking ending.”

Josh and Amelia, who finished Love Island Australia in third place, are the only couple to still be together now – with winners Grant and Tayla also being hit by scandal.

Tayla was left heartbroken when she learned that her boyfriend had a secret girlfriend in the real world throughout his time in the villa, and he’d only gone on the show to further his career.


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