Love Island fans accuse producers of sabotaging Luke Ms chances in the villa


LOVE Island fans have accused the show’s producers of trying to sabotage Luke Mabbott’s chances with women.

Just as it looked like he was going to couple up with Demi Jones, they sent a hunky Scotsman Jamie Clayton into the villa to sweep her off her feet.

Luke M has not had it easy in the Love Island villa

Fans posted on Twitter to vent their feelings about the the 24-year-old’s terrible luck in the villa so far.

One fan said: “The whole U.K. trying to work out if Luke M and Demi is a genuine thing or if the producers have forced them together because we said to.”


While a third fan asked: “The producers dont want Luke M to be great!

A twitter user questioned the producers decisions concerning Luke M

One fan thought the producers ruined Demi and Luke before it even got started

Love Island Fans are not happy with the producers at the moment

The tweets continued to pour in, with another fan saying: “The producers deciding to ruin Luke Ms time in the villa even more.”

A passionate viewer said: “Luke M and Demi have just become a thing so if Luke M goes I’m gona be p***ed #LoveIsland.”

They continued: “Also the islanders setting Demi and Luke M up is everything, I really hope they connect. The producers should learn abit from Mike.”

Another tweeted: “Luke M *is finally happy*,” and included a meme of what they assume to be the producer’s reaction, which read: “KEEP GOING! HE’S NOT DEAD YET, KEEP GOING!”

Producers were targeted by Love Island fans for Luke M’s unsuccessful time in the villa so far

Love fans desperately want Luke to find love

Fans of Love Island believe the producers do not want Luke M to be happy

Luke is famously unlucky in love, despite looking like Justin Bieber.

Things did not work out with Jess, after she ditched him in favour of Mike, who she was briefly coupled up with in the early stags of the series.

Things began to look up for the heating engineer as he went to Casa Amor and chose to couple up with 20-year-old Natalia on his return to the main villa.

However, Luke was stunned to find out Natalia was no longer attracted to him and fans claimed she only used him to stay on the show.

Demi shared a kiss with Luke just seconds after telling him she still wanted to get to know new islander Jamie

Like has received a lot of support from Luke T and Siannise

The Justin Bieber lookalike would continue his quest to find love and would soon turn his attentions to Demi, who is single after she was dumped by Nas in favour of Casa Amor bombshell Eva.

The two hit it off straightaway and shared a sweet kiss on the day bed, much to the delight of Siannise and Luke T.

But the popular Love Island contestant could soon be about to experience the all too familiar feeling of a love triangle, as Demi now wants to get to know newbie Jamie after he invited her on a date.

The 21-year-old told Luke that she wants to keep her options open and get to know Jamie, but then bizarrely locked with lips with Luke straight after, leaving him completely confused.

Love Island fans could be in for a huge shock in tonight’s episode, as Shaughna Phillips has revealed she has feelings for Luke, admitting: “I think since Jamie has come into the villa and been chatting to me and what not, its made me realise some things. I think I might have some feelings for Luke M.


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